Sunday, March 1, 2009

Enter March

I know all of you probably tuned in to see how I would further torture myself this month. But first lets review.
January- No sweets period. Let's not forget the three green M&M's at the theatre. Other than that I stayed clean the whole month and was rewarded with the seven lost pounds.
February- Smart Carb Choices. Hmmm... Well I did an awful job of avoiding all bad carbs but I did make slightly smarter choices concerning portion amounts of the bad stuff and occasionally was able to avoid them all together. So maybe I did better than I thought or maybe its still the no sweets hard at work because when I weighed in this month I found I had lost another six pounds.
Now technically I have four pounds more to go till I reach the pre baby mark. This month I won't be cutting out any different foods I will stick with the same things I have been doing but here is what I will do. My ten minutes a day. Let me explain. In addition to my regular three exercise classes this week I also went to the Saturday morning class during which we were supposed to run. It was decided that it was too cold to run so we did some stuff inside instead. One thing was an intense stretching routine and the other was ten minutes on the wall (like the Barr in ballet) The point of the exercises on the wall is to strengthen muscles that enable you to kick really high kicks in a controlled manner. If you are wondering where these muscles are look behind you and then down and I'm sure you will see them. :) And yes, if you must know mine are sore. So after we learned the routine we each teamed up with an accountability partner and had to make a consequence for each other if we did not do our ten minutes a day. I got Miss Leah for a partner and she said would eat a pig in a blanket and a donut if she failed to keep up. :) For obvious reasons I did not go along with that and it was decided that her reading privileges would be revoked for a week and she would have to run with me. She thought up the first part and just in case she hated reading or something like that I added on the second part. For me I won't get to -gasp- blog at all for a week! Eeek! So now while I am thinking about it I'm going to go and do my minutes now. Goodnight!

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Abbie said...

Wow, only 4 pounds to go?! I am soo impressed!! Way to go! Blake and I have started running everyday so I am pretty excited about that. But once I live close to you we are totally goin to join a hip-hop class ;0)