Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Too Much Of A Good Thing

After our wonderful worm digging day, last night was an adventure. Cecily was so tired she couldn't fall asleep for about an hour. Clara may have had something to do with that. Once she finally drifted off she came stumbling into the living room crying. I asked her what was wrong, offered her a drink and took her to the bathroom but she didn't really respond to much. Still crying I didn't want her to wake Clara up so I laid down with her in our bed and tried again to ask what was wrong. Sobbing and whimpering she finally choked out "Every time I fill it up it spills out"
"Fill what up?"
"My cup!" Waiiiiiil
"What's in your cup?"
"Dirt!" Sob Sob Wail Squeak
"Mommy, my eye hurts"
"What does it feel like?"
Sob sob sob
"Do you want a wet rag for it?
"I think there is dirt in it!" Waiiil Squeak!
More crying sobbing her heart is breaking and then she sits up and declares
"Mommy, I want to go fishing!" Sob Sob
"OK we will" some day I thought. And that was it. She laid down and went to sleep. This morning she remembers nothing. But man what a vivid dreamer.

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