Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bradford in Bloom...NOT What You Are Thinking!

This is our Flowering Bradford Pear Tree.
We planted it for Cecily her first spring and it has grown! Every year for a few days it blooms and looks be-utiful but man does it stink! Friday morning in our usual mad dash out the door I noticed it was in full bloom and I pointed it out to the girls as we were backing out of the driveway. The conversation Cecily and I had went something like this.
Me- "Look,Cecily, your tree is blooming!"
Cecily- "Yeah I know. I saw it already"
Me- (as we pass by some of the same kind of tree on our block) "They are called Flowering Bradford Pear trees because they get flowers all over them and they are shaped like a pear" (Here I left out a really bad joke about how they are probably called Bradford because we have one in our yard. Thought she wouldn't understand. You may even not understand-hence the edited lesson)
Cecily- "Oh, why?"
Me-Thinking "why what?"
Cecily- "I already know they get flowers on them and they stink really bad, what are they called again?"
Me- "Flowering Bradford Pear Trees"
Cecily- "Well, I just call them Stink Pears!"

Note- She doesn't like eating pears. I wonder if this has anything to do with her title of the tree. She probably would've preferred we planted her an apple tree.