Friday, February 27, 2009

Funny things you do

I have a notebook entitled "Today you made me smile" in which I record things the children do or say that make me smile. Or laugh, in most cases. There are not many stories of any one child until they can talk because this is when the most funny things occur. However this morning Silas definitely added a chapter of his own and its just too funny not to share.
For the last three mornings (counting today) Silas has slept through the night. Yes,yes, clapping, gasps, yippees, who hoos, and all that. Now because of these looooong nights of no nursing when Shiloh brings him down to our bed in the morning for some snuggle time while the girls are still asleep he makes this giddy,relieved,laughing sound while he climbs over covers and pillows to get to me signing milk as much as possible in between crawls. Usually he and I stay in bed while Shiloh gets ready for work but this morning I had to wash my hair so I got up early and showered so there would be time for all the drying and straightening before we had to leave the house at 8:30. While I was still showering Shiloh brought Silas down and got back into bed with him and he did all the giggling and all the climbing and then he got to my side of the bed and saw I was missing. Now here you must understand that my side of the bed is up against a wall (because there was an incident when Cecily was a baby and was in our bed one night and we didn't want a repeat situation) At once he sat down baffled and immediately got back on all fours and peered down the crack between the wall and the bed and said, almost in tears "Uh-Oh" His first thought was that I must have fallen into the crack. It makes me laugh even now and I didn't even see it all happen. I'm almost sure the worry in his voice was not because I wasn't there but because he would not be able to nurse. As soon as I came out of the bathroom he did the relieved,laughing sound and crawled quickly to the end of the bed,sat up and frantically signed milk with both hands. He is proving to be as funny as his sisters. :)


Unless you pay a monthly fee at smilebox you can't add text to your slideshow so I thought I'd make a list of captions to explain some of the pictures on the slideshow. Try clicking play on the slide show (below) and a new window will pop up make it smaller and then put it on this page so you can read the list as you watch.
-Cecily,Clara,and Silas happy to be stopping after the first three hours on the road
-We stopped at this park and had our picnic on this table
-Look at all the yummy food! An older couple walking around the park commented on our healthy choices
-Waiting to dig in! Yes, Silas has an entire half of a deviled egg in his mouth...he was starving
-Cecily and one huge strawberry, it was four grown into one
-Clara dipped hers in peanut butter
-While Silas and I finished eating the girls found a real seesaw. This was their first time on one and they loved it!
-They also found this thing that did nothing.
-Silas liked the swing
-And this huge grate in the ground that you could poke things into
-Clara said "want to see my mean face?"
-Silas' mean face
-Cecily's mean face
-Three monkeys
-A Silas sandwich slide
-The girls anticipating going up with me on the other side of the seesaw
-Whoa! Thats really high mom!
-Picking flowers for the road. Before we left home they also picked these flowers from our yard and left them on Daddy's pillow
-Finally in Mississippi Silas found a familiar toy on the fridge, Joy looked on
-Our cousin Leilani opening her birthday present from us
-The next day...Silas loved playing outside. He thought Nico's car and tractor were great (I didn't get any pictures of Nico -sorry Nico- I will get some from Grandma to post later on)
-All three girls
-Cecily the climber
-You've got to take time to stop and smell the Camillias, and hold them, and take a photo of them. They are just so pretty.
-You can always find Poppy with a good book to read
-The front door to the Scarambone's house. The bottom portion is like ours! Its such a small world. (Will post a comparrision later)
-Silas "fishing" in the reflecting pool Desiree uncovered in the side yard.
-You could often find Snowbell the cat here in this warm spot over the dishwasher. Cecily was playing bubbles with her. You could also find her in Silas seat at the table and Cecily thought this game was pretty fun.
-On the way home I stopped to take a picture of this little house I saw on the way to MS. Its so tiny, I love it!
And that's all folks. Can't believe I forgot to get photos of so many people. I'll have to suppliment later with Grandma's photos when I get them.

Road Trip to Mississippi

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

This mess is a place

Stuff is not my friend. I cannot embrace the mess. I'm dreaming of a tiny shack in the middle of nowhere with a dirt floor (that way who cares?) and no knick knacky things and one piece of clothing each and meals delivered to the door every meal and no such thing as burned cd's or sentimental value and a cat that can feed itself and no junk mail and a to do list that gets shorter ...or maybe just a vacation. I don't even care if all that makes sense, its my dream not yours anyway. :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Conversation Overheard

While Shiloh was hooking up the PlayStation Silas wanted to "help" and Shiloh let him for a while but then needed him out of the way to finish. Clara was playing nearby and I was in listening range. Shiloh moved Silas aside and this made him angry so he folded over from sitting to put his nose to the floor and cried. Clara caught the movement out of the corner of her eye and when Silas cried she said "Daddy, don't throw Silas"

He said "I didn't throw him, Clara"

Automatically she said "Yes, you.." but Shiloh interrupted this remark with " I don't throw Silas, Clara" and that was the end. She kept on playing and Shiloh kept on fiddling with wires Silas had already moved on to something else. I thought it was funny that this is what she assumed had happened and she said it so automatically that is sounded like how I would instantly say "Don't throw that ball in here"

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Fun New Way To Eat An Old Classic

While having a Cheerios snack at the table Silas thought there must be a better way to eat them.
Looking very closely he thought and thought how this could be achieved.
Looking this close gave him this idea.
He ate them all up this way and then he saw me watching...
He gave me a super silly grin

and then signed for more cause his were all gone.

Friday, February 20, 2009 I found out how to paste a new background but the middle strip dosen't match. How can I change that?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Vomiting in Public

I'd just like to give a little shout out to Wet Ones antibacterial wipes. And a special thanks to Mrs. S. And another thanks to all who held their seats...until we walked out of the gym. And that's all, I think I'll keep the rest to myself.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Faltering in February

Hmmm the carb thing is actually harder than the sweets thing. I think because carbs are just so dog gone convenient. Lots of days we pack food from the house and take it to the shop and well, can you imagine this?
"Can you pass me a plastic baggie for my umm lettuce"
or this
"I'd like a bean burrito with no tortilla, please"
I know that is no excuse but I can't even think of things to eat. I think I have eaters block. Fruit is not at its best these days. I ate a peach today that tasted like nothing. Then I followed that with a 'chicken nugget shells and cheese' chaser. But I did eat off of a saucer. I'm not trying to starve myself I'm just making a conscious decision to eat healthier, cause I like rolls just not to wear. It interferes with my tomboyishness. (Spell check is not going to like that one) I think I'm going to go google a good carb list for some ideas.

Oh and I liked making the list of quirky things about me so much I'm thinking about making it a weekly feature. Maybe I'll stick to ten. I don't know I might run out of things. I'll try it I guess and see how it goes.

Spell check said to spell it like this tom boyishness but I like it as one word so I'm going to leave it. Who made up the rules anyway? Most phonics rules have so many exceptions that I don't know why English is so universal. I know if it was my second language I would give up before I was fluent.

I've Been Tagged

I've been tagged by my almost sister-in-law Abbie to write 25 random facts about myself. Let me just say that all the ones I've seen on blogs are only seven facts so I consider this no small feat. Here goes...(in no particular order)

1-I had all three of my children at home with a midwife and I would never consider a hospital for so many reasons. In fact I would rather no midwife than a doctor.

2-I like things that are out of proportion to what they are supposed to be. For example I love my tiny Eiffel tower statue and my huge coffee mug that I use for a vase.

3-I like things that are in places that are not where you would normally find them. For example when I picture the house Shiloh and I are planning to build one day it has a European phone booth in the living room. Picture a bed in a field, a swing in your room,

4-When I was 4 I put little smokey sausages on a pb&j sandwich (hey they were on my plate together) and I still don't consider it gross. In fact I recommend you try it.

5-I can't think of a better invention than chocolate.

6-I don't watch movies more than once if they don't make me laugh or cry.

7-People think I say funny things on purpose but I can't help the thoughts that pop into my head and slip out of my mouth.

8-When I put a piece of winter fresh gum in my mouth it instantly reminds me of a sweaty dirty skating rink and I love it.

9-I have an orange belt in martial arts

10-In our family we all have first names that begin with C but the boys go by their S middle names. This wasn't on purpose until Silas was born. I have at least three names that I still really want to use. Wink.

11-When I hear my voice recorded I can't tell a difference between mine and my little sister's voices, but most people can't tell my big sister and I apart as far as how we look.

12-I love love love to read but someday I think I'd like to write.

13-Some of my scrapbook papers and stickers give me a tingly feeling that I think you get before you swoon.

14-I've never swooned.

15-I want to live all over the world for a few months in each place but I think I'd like to settle in New Zealand.

16-I think I was born in the wrong century because all the things I want to learn to do are things that would be common knowledge in a different time.

17-I was 15 when I met my husband and within a month we talked about getting married when we grew up. We considered ourselves grown up when he was 17 and I was 18 and have been married for 8 years.

18-I once got a ticket for being out after curfew when I was underage. I was at Allsups buying milk for cookies Shiloh and I were making. I had no idea there was a curfew.

19-I'm a jeans and t-shirt and no shoes kind of girl. If I'm wearing anything else you can be sure I'm uncomfortable.

20-I think I'd like to be a professional organizer, decorator, photographer, actress, writer, seamstress, landscaper, translator (for any language), film maker, carpenter, and event planner

21-I make rings out of buttons to sale but have given away more than I've sold

22-I've named my store that I want to have one day but I can't say it understand why.

23-I'll take a rainy day over a sunny one anytime.

24-I like to know peoples middle names.

25-I wish I liked animals (for my children), fish (to eat), high heels, watching the weather (for Shiloh), reading the newspaper, cooking, grocery shopping, toys, and coloring (because Cecily wants me to but I don't have the patience for it)

26-I hope when I'm a Granny I still wear boot cut jeans and my hair long.

27-I really want a miniature pony. See # 2 and yes, I know I'm not four.

28-I wish I knew where to put commas

29-I'm famous in my family for putting my money somewhere safe and then forgetting where and finding it much later. I'm also famous for liking purple,being call fat cheeks and retorting with "George" the worst thing I could think to say when I was like two.

30-I had my eyebrow pierced for ten months once way way way way back when I was twenty four. I wanted to experience it before the girls were too big and remembered because I don't know how I'll feel about it when they are teenagers. I got pregnant and felt silly and I imagined everyone looked at me like I was an irresponsible mother. Then I saw a lady with one like mine and my first thought was that she was an irresponsible mother and should grow up a little. It had to go then. But I'm glad I got the chance to do what I wanted.

31- I once had my armpits waxed. They bled.

Ok so I thought 25 things would be hard and now I can't stop. Turns out there are a lot of quirky things about me. I'm tagging no one because the whole two people I know on here just did one.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

An Icy Fun Day

The day after our ice storm on the back, shaded side of the shop the ice was still there and perfect for a little skating just before we left for home.
This is Cecily making me nervous
skating with her hands in her pockets.

Shiloh and Clara having some fun!

All three happy to be outside on a cold day.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday Afternoon

I'm at home all by myself. Shiloh took the children 'somewhere special' and then to the shop for a nap for Silas and some playtime for the girls and maybe to vacuum out my van... I'm supposed to be cleaning and I am but I was languishing and found some sugar free thin mint cookies in the freezer and stopped for a teeny break. Can't believe I put all that into one sentence. Oh well, I'm in a hurry. Cookies gone, breaks over, gotta keep moving. Picture me in a ponytail, monkey pj pants and still my church shirt, barefoot rockin to Lonestar and sweeping away. Ok Bye!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Meet Blake

This is Blake and his fiance' Abbie. I call him Aaron, Abbie calls him Charlie he calls her...Abbie, either way he is my oldest little but taller brother. Today is his birthday so I thought I'd introduce him. He's 19.

Hey Blake I think you're really great
Your initials spell out B-A-G
And I really love bags!!

Just a silly little ditty from me to you. I also think your great cause...

-Your over six feet tall and I can practice kicking that high when your around.
-When you stepped on my tiny Eiffel Tower that was in the floor cause Cecily put it there and it broke you didn't even say "ow"
-You don't even mind if we say "back when you were fat"
-You get really mad when you play basketball but you never hit anyone.
-You gave me all your Homies
-You introduced us to Chipotle and now I'm addicted (I think I need a t-shirt)
-Its bubblin in your soap!
-You didn't even mind when Shiloh used to tease you about your girlfriend right in front of her and she wasn't even your girlfriend yet.
-We used to watch Gulla Gulla Island together and I pretended I was just watching it with you but I really loved it.
-Your mushrooms are tasty
-When you were four you used to tell all the boys at the park to "leave your sisters alone" if they talked to us.
-You gave Cecily a taste of your sweetheart shake from Abbie when she was only one and....oh wait that wasn't great.
-When you were born your ear was folded over, but your normal now
-You convinced Chandler that you could stretch out his ear
-Your marrying Abbie and she introduced us to Special K bars *Yummy*
-When I switched your laundry from the washer to the dryer I laughed cause there were like four loads in there!

Some random friend of Blake's "How was your summer Blake?"

"It was great! I only had to do laundry once the whole time!"

-You told that supermarket story so convincingly that I got a tear in my eye and then the whole thing was fake! Meanie.
-Your car collection is made out of real cars and your favorite one is about to get its third paint job in less than a year

This is his car. He calls it the Whip. In December it got whipped all over the road and now its in the shop and Shiloh is whipping up yet another paint job for it.

And that's all for now. Happy birthday Blake!
(I'm supposed to be cleaning)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Well first of all thanks to all the comments about adding more than one photo and typing in between . Now I've also learned that they upload in the opposite order that you clicked on them. But anyhow I just wanted to let you guys see what I've been doing this week. These first four photos are of our downstairs front office bathroom at the shop. It's been sitting there all pretty and painted for a couple of months now and Saturday I found some prints at Hobby Lobby that I love love love love love(the exact number of loves I must confess to actually buy an item that will be this permanent). Thanks to their 50% off sales I was able to shop around and get everything on sale or clearance.

In this photo the mirror was already purchased and hung soon after the paint dried. The ledges and black and white candle holders are new and bought for 66% off the original price.

Here we have one of the prints that could make me swoon if I stared at it too long and then a decorative thing-a-ma-bob that I couldn't pass up. See the great moldings my Papaw put up for me? Just exactly what I had in mind. Caulking and painting them wasn't the most fun but I think the end result was soooo worth it.

Here is the whole back wall. Want to know how to make stripes like that? Its easy if you don't mind some time consuming measuring and taping off. Its just a clear protective finish that you can buy to put over paintings or faux finishes. It goes on white and dries clear and gives just the right amount of texture to an otherwise plain wall. I would like to mention that the hardwood floors are make from already used nail riddled pieces of wood. Eric pulled out all the nails, sanded them and then Papaw glued and screwed them down then Eric sanded them again and then Shiloh and I stained and finished them. Whew! A lot of work those floors but the wood was free and I love using things instead of trashing them.

Here are the three prints all in a row. This wall is the only complete one out of four.

Here are all the containers that I have emptied so far. I can't believe all this stuff fit into just those three containers I bought!

Silas loves to play with the empty boxes.

See those little fingers giving bunny ears to the large blue box? Cecily was hiding behind the box for the photo shoot and told me later of her "trick".

Well thats the progress for now. I'll let you know when the bathroom is all done.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

January is gone!

I don't know how, but I keep hitting a button and publishing my posts before I am done. So any way...

Did January go as quickly for any of you as it did for me? Before it was over I meant to write about my other new year resoulution, but it got away from me and so here it is February and I'm just now sharing it. Oh well, better late than never.

So this year I decided I wanted to get into shape...big surprise right? Isn't that a goal for like 87% of people every new year? But I'm the kind of person that needs a fresh start and the new year is that. I know you have all heard the same things as me-dieting dosen't work you have to make a lifestyle change. And I believe this is true so for this year I'm going to make one lifestyle change per month and see what happens at the end of the year.

January I decided to cut out all obvious sweets. Cany, cookies, cake...ect. We were in a really bad habbit of having these things on an almost daily basis after the children were in bed and we would sit down to watch a movie. I don't like to give these things to the children and I was feeling like a hypocrite telling them no because its not healthy for your body and then doing it to myself anyway. We use to have a rule that if we were going to indulge then we had to share with Cecily-she was our only one then- and it kept us from having too much because we didn't want her to pick on bad food choices. I think I might reinstate this little rule. Any how I didn't say no sugar because I still have eleven months to change things but just no sweets.

The first week or so I really wanted chocolate but I did not indulge. About twenty days in I had access to a scale and when I weighed I was pleasantly surprised to find I had lost seven pounds. I hadn't noticed my clothes fitting differently or anything so it was very motivating. I finished out January strong (except for those three pink m&m's I couldn't pass up because I never have had pink ones and maybe they tasted different? :) ) and now we come to February.

This month I have decided to become carb conscious. Not crazy strict like no high carb veggies and fruits but the obvious ones like junk food things. Chips, crackers, fried foods, white bread pasta and rice, popcorn. Cutting out all carbs in the past is how I always lost my baby weight but I wanted to do something new this time. I should also mention I work out three mornings a week for about 75 minutes. I'm not a great self motivator so Shiloh did (and is still doing) the January thing with me but I can't ask him to give up everything, he would waste away with his crazy fast metabolism. But I think the 7 pounds will keep me going. Does anyone want to play along? Its never too late to change.