Thursday, February 5, 2009

Meet Blake

This is Blake and his fiance' Abbie. I call him Aaron, Abbie calls him Charlie he calls her...Abbie, either way he is my oldest little but taller brother. Today is his birthday so I thought I'd introduce him. He's 19.

Hey Blake I think you're really great
Your initials spell out B-A-G
And I really love bags!!

Just a silly little ditty from me to you. I also think your great cause...

-Your over six feet tall and I can practice kicking that high when your around.
-When you stepped on my tiny Eiffel Tower that was in the floor cause Cecily put it there and it broke you didn't even say "ow"
-You don't even mind if we say "back when you were fat"
-You get really mad when you play basketball but you never hit anyone.
-You gave me all your Homies
-You introduced us to Chipotle and now I'm addicted (I think I need a t-shirt)
-Its bubblin in your soap!
-You didn't even mind when Shiloh used to tease you about your girlfriend right in front of her and she wasn't even your girlfriend yet.
-We used to watch Gulla Gulla Island together and I pretended I was just watching it with you but I really loved it.
-Your mushrooms are tasty
-When you were four you used to tell all the boys at the park to "leave your sisters alone" if they talked to us.
-You gave Cecily a taste of your sweetheart shake from Abbie when she was only one and....oh wait that wasn't great.
-When you were born your ear was folded over, but your normal now
-You convinced Chandler that you could stretch out his ear
-Your marrying Abbie and she introduced us to Special K bars *Yummy*
-When I switched your laundry from the washer to the dryer I laughed cause there were like four loads in there!

Some random friend of Blake's "How was your summer Blake?"

"It was great! I only had to do laundry once the whole time!"

-You told that supermarket story so convincingly that I got a tear in my eye and then the whole thing was fake! Meanie.
-Your car collection is made out of real cars and your favorite one is about to get its third paint job in less than a year

This is his car. He calls it the Whip. In December it got whipped all over the road and now its in the shop and Shiloh is whipping up yet another paint job for it.

And that's all for now. Happy birthday Blake!
(I'm supposed to be cleaning)


Abbie said...

Awesome post!
It would take me forever to think of all of those random facts! haha I enjoyed reading them =0D I'll be sure to show him your post 2mrw (unless you already told him about it?) Thanks so much!
Oh, and the only reason you like me is for my special kay bars??! I see how it is.

Abbie said...

I remember that day I got Blake his "sweetheart shake" like it was yesterday! I even remeber what Cecily was wearing...Overalls and she had tiny pigtails...soo cute! I can't believe it has been 4 years!