Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tornados and Hail...Oh My

Just what we were praying for. A nice fat hail storm. We already have our ad set to go at the radio station for just such an occasion as this. However, we didn't take into account the fact that we would probably have to get a new roof on the shop if this should happen. Hmmm,well everything else has been replaced so why not this too? I don't know the extent of damage the storm caused as far as cars go but our last good storm kept the body shops busy for over a year. I have Shiloh's phone now and people are texting like crazy saying things like Hooray for Hail. I say "Ditto".

Spell check dosen't like "texting" someone needs to update that.

Sweet little boys

Prayers for Stellan

Maybe you already know about these little guys or maybe you don't but they both need your prayers. You don't have to go and read their entire stories but could you please take a few minutes and pray for them? Their mama's are pretty specific about what they need at the moment. Little Jonah needs healing of his right arm and hand. For little Stellan his heart needs to slow down,and stay that way. I want God to heal them fast so the Doctors will stop putting all those scary drugs into them. They are just tiny little babies.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bradford in Bloom...NOT What You Are Thinking!

This is our Flowering Bradford Pear Tree.
We planted it for Cecily her first spring and it has grown! Every year for a few days it blooms and looks be-utiful but man does it stink! Friday morning in our usual mad dash out the door I noticed it was in full bloom and I pointed it out to the girls as we were backing out of the driveway. The conversation Cecily and I had went something like this.
Me- "Look,Cecily, your tree is blooming!"
Cecily- "Yeah I know. I saw it already"
Me- (as we pass by some of the same kind of tree on our block) "They are called Flowering Bradford Pear trees because they get flowers all over them and they are shaped like a pear" (Here I left out a really bad joke about how they are probably called Bradford because we have one in our yard. Thought she wouldn't understand. You may even not understand-hence the edited lesson)
Cecily- "Oh, why?"
Me-Thinking "why what?"
Cecily- "I already know they get flowers on them and they stink really bad, what are they called again?"
Me- "Flowering Bradford Pear Trees"
Cecily- "Well, I just call them Stink Pears!"

Note- She doesn't like eating pears. I wonder if this has anything to do with her title of the tree. She probably would've preferred we planted her an apple tree.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Too Much Of A Good Thing

After our wonderful worm digging day, last night was an adventure. Cecily was so tired she couldn't fall asleep for about an hour. Clara may have had something to do with that. Once she finally drifted off she came stumbling into the living room crying. I asked her what was wrong, offered her a drink and took her to the bathroom but she didn't really respond to much. Still crying I didn't want her to wake Clara up so I laid down with her in our bed and tried again to ask what was wrong. Sobbing and whimpering she finally choked out "Every time I fill it up it spills out"
"Fill what up?"
"My cup!" Waiiiiiil
"What's in your cup?"
"Dirt!" Sob Sob Wail Squeak
"Mommy, my eye hurts"
"What does it feel like?"
Sob sob sob
"Do you want a wet rag for it?
"I think there is dirt in it!" Waiiil Squeak!
More crying sobbing her heart is breaking and then she sits up and declares
"Mommy, I want to go fishing!" Sob Sob
"OK we will" some day I thought. And that was it. She laid down and went to sleep. This morning she remembers nothing. But man what a vivid dreamer.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Not Me Monday...only one day late.

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I would never give in and make a dreaded trip to Wal-Mart to get a price adjustment from an ad to a store that we don't have and then get so distracted while there I forget about picking up the product I wanted to buy in the first place. I wouldn't then be almost all the way to my car when I realized that I had forgotten not only the product itself but also the coupon for the product. I would feel ridiculous hauling two out of three children all the way to Wal-Mart for absolutely no reason at all.
I would also on the same trip never leave my keys dangling from the cart that I left at the exit cause two of my three children were big enough to walk to the car. Then I would never race back inside trying to beat the unsuspecting shopper who would "steal" my keys. Can you imagine if I did do that? Ridiculous. If that were to happen I would go to customer service and explain my predicament right away and wait patiently until the honest thief turned my keys in. I wouldn't race around in the produce department looking for almost empty carts with a set of keys hanging on the right side. No not me. Thinking of something so dumb makes me laugh even now. I would not stand at the exit for almost five minutes waiting before thinking to check customer service.

Last weekend when our kitty was missing for four days I did not assume she was a food snob and simply ran away when we ran out of canned cat food. I would never forget to check the garage to see if she were accidentally locked inside with no food or water for that long. Nope not me. And then if that did happen I would not forget so soon when she went missing again to check the garage. I wouldn't just assume that she was finally "due" and was off having kittens somewhere. That would be so silly. Of course I would go to the garage the instant she missed breakfast. Not the cars. To check about accidental imprisonment. Checking the cars would be almost dumb.

I would never sleep until 8:34 when we needed to leave the house at 8:35. If the time change did get the best of me I wouldn't decide to go anyway and pass out go-gurts and call it breakfast. I would certainly never skip a morning diaper change and load up two out of three small children into the van in their p.j.'s. Naw. I'd probably just say forget working out today. Of course I didn't do those things...not me.

Laundry Tuesday

Laundry Tuesday was pretty good. Every thing is clean and folded and awaiting its own special spot in the suitcase.
Now as soon as the girls fall asleep it's a shower for me and then some google time to see what we will be doing in Kansas City for the first couple of days of vacation. I have a pretty good idea so I will just check on hours of operation and phone numbers and directions for the most part.
Blogging would be so much more interesting if only I could remember to bring the camera home from the shop...
10 minutes till my auction on ebay ends and I am hoping to win a pair of matching crocs for Cecily, that I already found for Clara. Speaking of shoes I can mark searching for two of the three lost black shoes off my Wednesday list. Shiloh took care of that yesterday when he found them under his desk. I guess I'll replace it with putting the patches on karate uniforms. Now however we seem to be missing Silas' new black church shoes. I don't know If I'll be taking those but it would be nice to have them. He went barefoot to church on Sunday. (It's OK he's a baby) But he got some snazzy new clothes from his Gram and they would be nice to have. As long as they turn up for Blake's wedding we're good. No bare feet with his tux. At least I think that would be inappropriate for an evening affair.
Well, off to the shower. I'm really stalling cause its dark outside and Shiloh is not home and I don't like to shower when I'm home alone. Scary. It's like vacuuming alone. I always think someone would sneak up on me cause it's so loud. We don't have a lot of carpet to vacuum in this house anymore...still stalling. Going now. Night!

Monday was a success...I think

I just reviewed my to do on Monday list and found it was completed about halfway.

Karate in the a.m. and p.m. were great! However it reminded me that I needed to register, which I did while I watched Cecily, and I also need to sew on four patches to our uniforms before Saturday. Ugh. I don't look forward to that.

The upholstery lesson was a no go which was ok with me my to do list was too long.

I spent some time on the phone with Southwest and found out every other person with rapid rewards tickets wanted to travel this week as well and they had no openings on any flights I wanted. Our family vacation just turned itself into a road trip. I'll have to plan for linens and food things now.

I did get my paypal fixed and should have that teether before we leave for vacation.

After dinner I ran to two stores to get my super great deals and am happy to report I was able to get a mouth wash for only five cents! Also I got seventeen cvs reward dollars to spend on a future purchase. Just wait until those diapers go on sale and I can use my coupons and reward dollars. I'll be all over that!
I forgot to check for things to entertain a 16 month old on a plane but I guess I just need to stick with how to entertain him in the car...a lot

After all that Shiloh and I spent some quality time with a MO map and google and mapped out the first leg of our journey. We will be spending our first night in Joplin, MO at the local KOA (which is why I have to pack linens and pillows) I'm excited about that. Shiloh is excited about Big Brutus. I'll explain that with a photo when we return.

I am now in the middle of Laundry Tuesday and am so happy to have a worm digging day for the girls i.e. nice weather so they can play outside. Now I hear Silas singing from his crib so I'll go get him for some worm digging of his own.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

To Do List

Here is what I hope to accomplish this week...
Monday-Karate in the A.M. then to the shop to hopefully have a small lesson on reupholstering a chair. Then during nap time on the computer to book airline tickets to MO for a family vacation starting on Sunday, fix my paypal account so I can pay for the things I've bought on ebay. Karate in the P.M. To the stores after bed to redeem my coupons for the things also on sale so I can get amazing deals! Also to find really entertaining things for a 16 month old to do on an airplane. (Insert comments here about fun amazing things to do with your 16 month old in flight.)
Tuesday-Stay at home to wash all laundry and pack all the cute things for the family vacation starting on Sunday. Clean in between. After bed more trip planning. Wear only our tacky clothes the rest of the week.
Wednesday-Karate in the A.M. then to the shop to clean the play area in hopes of recovering three out of four of the girls lost black shoes. (I know where one is...I think) So I don't have to unpack all the black clothes for the family vacation starting on Sunday.
Thursday-Play date at Burger King with the Kirkpatricks in the A.M. Mini nap for the girls on the drive to the shop after,Long nap for Silas at the shop while I take the girls to Gymnastics in the afternoon. Coke from Sonic with my free drink coupon (cause I took the survey that was entirely too long to earn one drink,but I'd probably do it again cause I love free!)O.J. for the girls. Up late on the computer planning the driving itinerary for the family vacation starting on Sunday
Friday-Karate in the A.M. To the shop. More trip planning, hopefully book koa cabins to stay in. Call and ask Kandice about borrowing her sit and stand stroller. Pick it up. Home. More packing and gathering for the family vacation starting on Sunday. To bed early.
Saturday- Belt testing all morning at Karate. Home. Load up the car for the family vacation starting on Sunday. Hopefully sale one thing on Craigslist.
Sunday- Well,you know....

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Following Blogs

I did quite a lot of blog reading today and found some blogs I'd like to follow. Great right? Well, ummmm can anyone tell me how to add them to my following list? I have some so I know its been done before but I think Abbie did it for me and maybe am having a moment but I don't see anything that would indicate that if I click on it I would be a follower. Hmmmm so thanks in advance for any help. :)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Enter March

I know all of you probably tuned in to see how I would further torture myself this month. But first lets review.
January- No sweets period. Let's not forget the three green M&M's at the theatre. Other than that I stayed clean the whole month and was rewarded with the seven lost pounds.
February- Smart Carb Choices. Hmmm... Well I did an awful job of avoiding all bad carbs but I did make slightly smarter choices concerning portion amounts of the bad stuff and occasionally was able to avoid them all together. So maybe I did better than I thought or maybe its still the no sweets hard at work because when I weighed in this month I found I had lost another six pounds.
Now technically I have four pounds more to go till I reach the pre baby mark. This month I won't be cutting out any different foods I will stick with the same things I have been doing but here is what I will do. My ten minutes a day. Let me explain. In addition to my regular three exercise classes this week I also went to the Saturday morning class during which we were supposed to run. It was decided that it was too cold to run so we did some stuff inside instead. One thing was an intense stretching routine and the other was ten minutes on the wall (like the Barr in ballet) The point of the exercises on the wall is to strengthen muscles that enable you to kick really high kicks in a controlled manner. If you are wondering where these muscles are look behind you and then down and I'm sure you will see them. :) And yes, if you must know mine are sore. So after we learned the routine we each teamed up with an accountability partner and had to make a consequence for each other if we did not do our ten minutes a day. I got Miss Leah for a partner and she said would eat a pig in a blanket and a donut if she failed to keep up. :) For obvious reasons I did not go along with that and it was decided that her reading privileges would be revoked for a week and she would have to run with me. She thought up the first part and just in case she hated reading or something like that I added on the second part. For me I won't get to -gasp- blog at all for a week! Eeek! So now while I am thinking about it I'm going to go and do my minutes now. Goodnight!