Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Laundry Tuesday

Laundry Tuesday was pretty good. Every thing is clean and folded and awaiting its own special spot in the suitcase.
Now as soon as the girls fall asleep it's a shower for me and then some google time to see what we will be doing in Kansas City for the first couple of days of vacation. I have a pretty good idea so I will just check on hours of operation and phone numbers and directions for the most part.
Blogging would be so much more interesting if only I could remember to bring the camera home from the shop...
10 minutes till my auction on ebay ends and I am hoping to win a pair of matching crocs for Cecily, that I already found for Clara. Speaking of shoes I can mark searching for two of the three lost black shoes off my Wednesday list. Shiloh took care of that yesterday when he found them under his desk. I guess I'll replace it with putting the patches on karate uniforms. Now however we seem to be missing Silas' new black church shoes. I don't know If I'll be taking those but it would be nice to have them. He went barefoot to church on Sunday. (It's OK he's a baby) But he got some snazzy new clothes from his Gram and they would be nice to have. As long as they turn up for Blake's wedding we're good. No bare feet with his tux. At least I think that would be inappropriate for an evening affair.
Well, off to the shower. I'm really stalling cause its dark outside and Shiloh is not home and I don't like to shower when I'm home alone. Scary. It's like vacuuming alone. I always think someone would sneak up on me cause it's so loud. We don't have a lot of carpet to vacuum in this house anymore...still stalling. Going now. Night!

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