Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Monday was a success...I think

I just reviewed my to do on Monday list and found it was completed about halfway.

Karate in the a.m. and p.m. were great! However it reminded me that I needed to register, which I did while I watched Cecily, and I also need to sew on four patches to our uniforms before Saturday. Ugh. I don't look forward to that.

The upholstery lesson was a no go which was ok with me my to do list was too long.

I spent some time on the phone with Southwest and found out every other person with rapid rewards tickets wanted to travel this week as well and they had no openings on any flights I wanted. Our family vacation just turned itself into a road trip. I'll have to plan for linens and food things now.

I did get my paypal fixed and should have that teether before we leave for vacation.

After dinner I ran to two stores to get my super great deals and am happy to report I was able to get a mouth wash for only five cents! Also I got seventeen cvs reward dollars to spend on a future purchase. Just wait until those diapers go on sale and I can use my coupons and reward dollars. I'll be all over that!
I forgot to check for things to entertain a 16 month old on a plane but I guess I just need to stick with how to entertain him in the car...a lot

After all that Shiloh and I spent some quality time with a MO map and google and mapped out the first leg of our journey. We will be spending our first night in Joplin, MO at the local KOA (which is why I have to pack linens and pillows) I'm excited about that. Shiloh is excited about Big Brutus. I'll explain that with a photo when we return.

I am now in the middle of Laundry Tuesday and am so happy to have a worm digging day for the girls i.e. nice weather so they can play outside. Now I hear Silas singing from his crib so I'll go get him for some worm digging of his own.

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