Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I Don't Really Like Sleep Anyway...

I never really know what to say when people ask me if we are going to have any more children. I don't think I could plan a specific number in my head and then after attaining that number of children like magic I would say "Now I'm sure I never want to have another baby...ever" So lately I've decided to plan somewhat and think a little about I would like to do in the near future. Well Shiloh and I have our ten year anniversary coming up and I think it would be nice to take a vacation together. Feeling that the kids would be old enough to ration out to family members for about a week or so it seemed our trip would be unstoppable. I wouldn't be pregnant. I wouldn't have to worry about a nursing baby. We already have plane tickets for a trip anytime. All we need to wait on was the date. October 2010. Or so I thought. I was enjoying my 'break' and recently have told several people that I would like to remain in that break until Silas was about five or so. Then I would have twins. Naturally. As if I could plan such a thing. That somehow saving up for five years would guarantee me a nice little set of twins. I'm realizing as I type that I am a planner. I just have extreme plans that seem impossible to stick with. Well here is reality. BREAK IS OVER. Yep I'm pregnant and with another July baby. Which is a month in our family that is supposed to be umm off limits.
Finding out two of the people are pregnant that I am always pregnant with and me thinking about how I wasn't just didn't last very long. But I like it this way. Enjoying my physically able tom boy body my all night sleeping my staying out for more than two hours at a time isn't something I can just say "enough already" about. It has to sneak up on me and I have to let it sink in. Between the middle of the night bathroom breaks and the middle of the night nursing it may very well be two years before I ever sleep through the night again. And our trip. Somehow now thinking of taking a two month old who could sleep anywhere anytime on an anniversary trip does still seem like a vacation after all. Now about that goal of fitting into my wedding dress on our ten year me do it.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


One year ago today was an exciting day. It was a Friday. We had just gotten our certificate of occupancy at the shop and we declared it to be our first official day open for business. We had a good day. It wasn't as if people flocked to the door. No one but us really knew we were open. After the day ended we went home. We put the kids to bed and then after a while I went to bed. Shiloh woke me up at about 11:00 saying that there was a storm coming and there were very high winds. He wanted to go check on the shop to make sure we didn't have any windows busted out. I said OK then I went back to sleep. He woke me up again around 1:30 having just got home. He motioned for me to get up and come into the living room. He had the digital camera and started showing me photos of the shop. He said there had been a tornado. What he found when he got to the shop was a mess. He arrived literally seconds after the tornado had passed and pulled up to see things still falling from the sky. The propane tank had been rolled and was spewing propane everywhere.

We have some neighbors in the back of the shop who live in a trailer house he ran to see if they were OK. They were just coming out to see what had happened. The tornado had run directly over their house. They woke up to the sound of all their windows popping out simultaneously. Their sheds were leveled. Everything in their yard uprooted and broken. But the trailer house was only shifted slightly off the foundation. They found their trailer two miles away in a field the next morning. The fire department pulled up very quickly and gave Shiloh a ride the long way around back to the front of the shop in case the propane tank should explode. They soon capped it off. The tornado had sucked five out of seven garage doors out of the shop. We had just gotten new doors. It blew pieces of everything into our newly stuccoed walls outside. Cow patties swirled about over our concrete poured only three days before.

It blew car parts and tools to places we still don't know of. Newly fixed cars were now back to where they had been days before. We ended up with a hay bale in our yard from across the street.

And the ring that goes around it in our newly built arch out front.

Our fence that took hours of labor in the sweltering sun was pushed down on all three sides. The dumpster rolled a few times. But out of all the damage somehow it just wasn't devastating. We started to see little blessings that made us sigh and say I'm so glad that didn't mess up or get broken. Out of all the debris flying around not one single window got broken. Not even the glass on our irreplaceable antique front door. The office was completely in tact as were the break room and parts office. All the tiny pieces on the shelves in the parts room didn't move. Our brand new furniture was still OK. Our apartment upstairs only suffered bent ceiling tiles from the air being sucked out so rapidly. The vet next door lost their sign in a hundred pieces with some of those pieces ending up in our walls.

However their lettering with a bible verse that is made from those letters you can change often didn't budge. It's kind of far in this photo and you can't read it but you can see where the permanent sign was above the lettering.

We had one vintage truck in the shop that was just freshly painted. It had been an ongoing project for a long time. It was parked in the paint booth in order to take some pictures and didn't have a scratch on it.

People helped out. Our friend who drives a tow truck came and lifted the fence off Shiloh's truck.

Our friend who supplies us with paint lent us his employees and brought us food.

Even thought it seemed that we would have to start all over it didn't seem like a tragedy. Only something exciting that we could look at and try to figure out the good that would come. I believe that there is lots of good. Maybe we will never know all of it. Maybe somewhere way in the future we will see what it is. But today one year later we are almost recovered. Only the fence remains to be put back. And you can bet it will be the strongest fence Sherman has ever seen.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Meet Chandler

This is Chandler my youngest brother. Today is his birthday. He's eleven. He was born on a Friday. I remember because we were at skating when my mom went in for a prenatal checkup. We always went skating on Fridays. Not wanting you to be born on Halloween it was decided to induce labor. We waited for you a little while at the hospital (after skating of course) but then had basketball games that night so we went to those. Right before my game started Ambra told me you were here. We played then went to see you. I saw you through the glass in the nursery. The next day we went to visit you and you were in the room and we could hold you. Here are some other things I remember/think are great about you.

1-When you were a baby and we would take you with us on errands we liked to see the expressions on peoples faces when we said "this is our brother" being 16 and 17 years older everyone assumed you were our baby.

2-You slept through my entire wedding and are not in any of the photos we took after.

3-You could recognize the sound of Shiloh's car when he came to pick me up and would say "Shiloh!" and go running for the window. That's exactly what Silas does now only he says "Daddy!"

4-Remember the hot sauce eating incident of 2003? When ya'll were staying with us after Cecily was born we would stay up late playing cards and snacking. One night we had chips and salsa which you wanted to eat very badly only it was so hot you consumed about a gallon of water. That night your eyeballs were floating and you went sleepwalking to find the bathroom.

5-I'm pretty sure you are the only one who would play Charlie and Lola with me. Even if I did have to bribe you with iced coffee.

6-You were pretty good at Spider man poses when Cecily was born and you somehow rubbed off on her.

7-I love things in unproportional sizes and when I found a tiny skateboard it was because of you I had a reason to buy it.

8-We can take what you consider to be a clever trick and turn it around until you are the one being tricked and you don't get mad and stomp off.

9-You once called 911 as a baby and even fooled the police into believing it wasn't you.

10-You really loved your giant Woody from Toy Story and even believed he would move when you left the room.

11-Blake convinced you he stretched out your ear once.

12-You really believed #10 and #11 and that makes it so much more fun to tease you about.

13-You became obsessed with matches after watching Toy Story and would gather every match you could find and take it out to the back porch and strike it like Woody did. Until dad made you a giant match to play with that was slightly safer.

That's kind of a lot considering you were only almost two when I moved away. Any one who wants to add to the list just click on comment and leave your really great thing there and I will add it to the list.

Happy Birthday Chany Man. Congratulations for being on this side of a decade.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Where were you?

I remember very clearly opening the door to Shiloh's knock. He was coming in from work for lunch. I hugged him and he said "We are at war" "What?" I asked. He asked if I'd been watching TV. I hadn't. I was very involved with whatever book I had been reading. I don't remember now what it was. He flipped on the TV and we watched while eating frozen dinners. He explained how at work no one was working. They were all crowded around a small TV watching the towers as they fell. By the time I heard,they were gone of course. We had no phone in our temporary apartment. We hadn't gotten things like cell phones or DVD players. Not everyone had them yet. You could still rent VHS. We had an air mattress a TV and our clothes. Everything else was in storage. We had to walk downstairs to the gas station with a hand full of quarters to call anyone. I don't remember if it was still 25 cents or not. We had green carpet in our hotel turned apartment. One side was like a hotel room with a small kitchen the other side was the same with the kitchen torn out and a bathroom instead. All bills were paid in our month to month rental. We could leave the window air conditioner unit on all day in this muggy town if we wanted. And we did. Once we rented one of the new PlayStation's from Hastings. Hastings was close enough for us to squeeze past the fence and walk to. During that week we had the rental I could walk over and rent a DVD. I think this is the first time I ever watched anything on DVD. All the extra features were amazing to me. I could watch in french if I wanted to. I didn't want to but still I could've. At night Shiloh would come in and shower and we would eat more frozen dinners. Swedish meatballs or fried rice and we would play Twisted Metal Black. Everyday we did this until our rental time was up. A week maybe ten days was all we had it. Such was our life during 9/11.

Shortly after we moved to a house

View Larger Map
(click on view larger map then once it loads click the down arrow 4 times then the left arrow 3 times...walah...our yellow house on Eloise)
and I taped the flag that the newspaper printed to the front window and lit candles underneath. You couldn't spot a car without a flag. This was the first time I ever realized that the flag actually goes both ways depending on which side you see it from. I just never noticed before...I remember feeling sad and kind of in shock. I had never even heard of the twin towers before they fell. I remember so many of the stories that I heard during that time. It is for those families who remain the reason why we should Never Forget. So where were you during it all?

Monday, August 31, 2009

Profile Photo Schmofile Schmoto

What's that? You noticed that I finally uploaded a profile photo of me onto my blog? Well, wonders never cease...
Monday August 31, 2009
Our first day in Lubbock. We didn't go anywhere we just hung out at Grandmommy's house with Connor and Dawson. It was such a nice and cool morning. We were almost cold with the windows open.

While jumping on the trampoline we were taking turns doing tricks in the middle. While watching you had to stand on the edge and hang onto a pole. Cecily stated "It's my turn" Clara ran to a pole just to find her cousin already occupied it and she did a silly spin and ran to a second pole that was occupied as well. On her way to find an empty pole she screamed in a silly voice "I can't find a naked one!"

Tuesday September 1, 2009

Not wanting to stay at home today Mom and I loaded up the kiddos and took them to Legacy Play Village. Legacy play village is so much fun not only do they have a huge playground that includes a castle and a giant wooden horse they also have real live rabbits to chase around and prarie dogs to watch. It's also all fenced in so you only have to sit back and watch the exit. We stayed for about 4 hours and all the snacks were gone. Then Mom and I switched cars and I took Silas to run errands and she came home for rest time with everyone else. About 2 and a half hours into my errands I saw my phone was on silent and she had tried to call. I called her back and she told me because I had her car keys I also had her house key. Oops. So the kids played outside all day.

After dinner we went on a walk to the end of the road to see if we could find any evidence of a train. We did. There were tracks miles long.

Silas had had enough of a walk and decided to go on a "Wun!"

Making er hearts.

Clara hitching a ride on the way back.

The sunset on the right...

...the moonrise on the left.

Wednesday September 2, 2009
Today I went with Abbie to get my hair cut. And eyebrows waxed. And to have lunch with her and a friend. And to look at the mansion on 14th that is famous in LBK. And to drive around looking for non-existent sunflower fields. And to check out the vintage housing edition. And to Target for diapers. Then back to Mom's house for supper. Then off to church. Then out to Gram's to spend the night for two nights.
The girls played on the playground with their cousins until dark. Then baths. Then we watched Man vs. Wild. He ate a frog. He just picked it up and bit it's head right off. The girls thought this was extremely funny.
Then bed and I watched some TV.
Thursday September 3, 2009
Today Gram took us to walmart for birthday goodies for Clara's party on Sunday. Then to chuck E cheese. The girls had so much fun. By the time all the tokens are gone we usually have just enough tickets for everyone to have one piece of candy from the prize counter.
Friday September 4, 2009
Back to Mom and Dad's to sleep.
Saturday September 5, 2009
Mom's birthday is today. We went out shopping for awhile. We found some of mom's stuff at a thrift store and she bought it back. :)
Sunday September 6, 2009
Today we went to church and then later to the park for pictures and a birthday celebration for Clara.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekly Remnants

Monday August,24 2009
Today I went to class as usual while Shiloh kept the kids at the shop. When I returned to the shop Blake had the kids upstairs. I noticed a smell and went to check the dishes,trash etc... there was nothing smelly and that's when I noticed a mouse trap in the sink. I found out that Silas had found it and it got his finger and that reminded me to check the other trap I had set. Yup, you guessed it, the source of the smell. Gag. I had Shiloh get it our for me and somehow knowing what was causing the smell made it unbearable so I loaded up the kids and decided to spend the day at home.

Abbie came over and I did laundry and dishes. Abbie and I talked until Blake came and got her.

I made some yummy raw foods for supper. Guacamole stuffed inside tomatoes and with celery sticks for dipping. Brushetta for my flax seed crackers

and also something I just made up which consisted of cubed cucumber,slivered red onion and seasoned with vinegar,salt and lime juice. It was really good.

Now Shiloh and I are going to watch 17 Again after he finishes putting the girls to bed. I did Silas tonight and he wanted to skip all the rocking nonsense and go straight to bed. A breeze.

Tuesday August 25, 2009

Today the kids and I had a stay at home kind of a day. These are very rare and I like it that way.

I walked out onto the porch at about 8:30 and noticed it was still cool out so I wasted no time in getting everyone dressed and into the van. I loaded frozen caprisun pouches and sweet tea (for me) to take with us in the event that it warmed up before we were done playing. It did. The kids played while I brushed up on my touring Oregon know how.

They drank their pouches and my tea and we left around 11:00
We drove to Chick-fil-a for some nuggets and ended up staying to play as well.

While in his highchair Silas said "Eat chicken peas!" (Please) His first sentence. This is an improvement over the high pitched scream he has become accustomed to.
Silas fell asleep on our way home and this is his chubby little face before I took him out of his carseat.

We came after closing time to the shop and helped with a little landscaping. Cecily worked for an hour (which is why she looked like this)

to catch a leopard frog

and even now at 9:00 the girls are still torturing playing with it.

Wednesday August 26,2009

Today I went to class as usual. After class I took the kids swimming at Abbie's. We swam until everyone needed a nap and I headed back to the shop. I read while the kids napped and then I took Clara and Silas back to Abbie's to help get dinner ready. Cecily stayed with Shiloh and he took her to her Karate class. Then we all had dinner at Blake and Abbie's house. I love Feta (not the cheese). After we ate the guys took the kids back to the pool and Abbie and I rearranged her furniture.

Thursday August 27, 2009

Today while opening the sun-dried apricots Clara asks "Mommy,can I have a paper-cut?" In only one short month from today Miss Clara will turn four years old. Oh my time is flying. It seems not that long ago we were celebrating Miss Cecily's four years with a Spiderman party.

Friday August 29, 2009

Today I went to class in the a.m. then to the shop to pick up the kids. I took them to the grocery store to pick up the remaining ingredients in all the food I had to prepare for this evening. We also went by the courthouse to get new tags for my van. We came home and I put everyone down for naps. I made cupcakes and then read while they cooled. Just as I was done icing them Clara comes in and decorates her half of them. When she is finished Cecily comes in and does the same. When they were done we make play dough in the Vita Mix.

The Vita Mix is very loud and so we carried out of the kitchen and into the library to mix so we wouldn't wake up Silas. It mixed for 5 minutes and when I turned it off I discovered we had woken him up anyway. I put the food coloring into the center of the play dough and let the girls mix it while I made Guacamole, brushetta and potato salad.

We went to a back to school bash at the Karate school where I took the potato salad and hamburger fixings. We ate and visited and watched the girls play in the water. We left there and went to Blake and Abbie's for a house warming. Here I took the guacamole and the brushetta. We visited and played games but everyone knew the real fun wouldn't start until we went island tagging. :)What's that you've never heard of island tag? Well, I hate to leave you in suspense but this game deserves a proper post all of it's own.

I got to sleep at around 2:00 a.m.

Saturday August 29, 2009

I woke up this morning around 10:00 a.m. only to discover an empty house. Here I sit blogging at 4:23 and still no sign of my family. They are at the shop preparing my van for our trip to Lubbock on Sunday. I did laundry and dishes. I packed. I'm making dinner of black beans, rice and boiled eggs. I finished my Abbie's book and am missing Hadassah. Time to start on number two.

Sunday August 30, 2009

Today we went to church as always and had a nice lunch of sandwiches afterward. Shiloh brought me home and I finished packing for our trip to Lubbock. He took the kids to the shop and I napped. When I woke up Shiloh brought the kids back home and we fed them and bathed them and loaded them up into the van. Blake brought Abbie and we (us girls) left town about 6:30. We drove to Chick-fil-a for some sweet tea and remembered after we got there they are closed on Sundays. We opted for Sonic instead. On the road Silas and Clara fell asleep right away as planned. Cecily had a harder time and about two hours in I glanced in the rear view mirror and saw she was crying and holding up her hand. I thought she had bitten her finger. I turned down the music and realized she was saying "I pulled my tooth" Now here we have a predicament. She was bleeding and I had to stop but in doing so Silas was bound to wake up and feel as if he had a catnap and stay awake the entire rest of the way. Since I couldn't find any way out of it we pulled over. I gave her some wipes took a quick picture

and quickly started to drive again. Silas and Clara both woke up but Silas went back to sleep. Amazing!
A little while later Cecily needed to stop for a bathroom break. We were exactly halfway so we stopped in our usual spot. Again Silas woke up and I got him out to stretch he laid on my shoulder and pointed at an eighteen wheeler in the same parking lot. When I loaded him back up he again went back to sleep! Amazing-er! The girls both fell asleep too and it was peaceful the rest of the way. We made it in six hours but it went by really fast. I dropped Abbie off at her parent's house and I made my way to mine. The girls went right to bed when we arrived but Silas was pumped about watching PBS. I was up with him till three! Yeesh.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Weekly Remnants

Wednesday August,19 2009

Today my friend J had his wisdom teeth removed and since M (his wife) had to work I went over to 'babysit' him. He wasn't allowed to be alone in case he had trouble with bleeding or passing out. I took the girls over after lunch (Silas slept at the shop) and while they watched a movie J and I created a playlist of songs for me on his computer. Now all I have to do is take over my (still empty) ipod and I will have all my favorite songs in one place. Yay!
I gave him his meds, made him milkshakes, and replaced his gauze for him. After his really strong meds kicked in he became tired and went to sleep.
Clara found my camera on the phone and a mirror and she took this.

Then she took a photo of one of J's bearded dragons.

And I helped her take this one. It's the same dragon sleeping like this in Cecily's lap while she watched her movie.

Shiloh and M came home and we visited for awhile until the kids became really sleepy so Shiloh and I brought them home and put them to bed.

Thursday August,20 2009

Today we visited the water park for the last time this year. I went with Abbie, my friend Debbie and her two little ones and my sister Kandice and her four little ones. We had fun. The older kids slid and slid and the little ones splashed and splashed. Silas came after his nap and played here.

We took along frozen lemonade boxes and Clara put hers in the sun and waited for it to thaw out.

Friday August,21 2009

Today I woke up and went to class but when I got there I found our that it had been canceld and I just didn't know. I went to the grocery store instead and got things to make sandwiches for our picnic at the park later.
I came home made sandwiches and packed strawberries,carrots and frozen juice pouches. We went to the park with my sister,her four little ones and our Granny. We got eaten up by mosquitos. Clara took this photo. It's her cousins X and B(on the right)

Silas plays this game anytime Granny sits in one of these camp chairs. He puts his hand into the cupholder and she grabs it from below and they both say "roar roar roar!" Then they giggle and do it all over agian.

Saturday August,22 2009

Today Shiloh and I woke up early and took the kids to Granny and Papaw's house to stay while we went on an ultra quick trip to Lubbock. I drove the girls in the van and Shiloh drove Silas in his car. On the way there we stopped at a blinking red light. I checked for cars and continued on. From the back seat from Miss Clara I hear "Mooommmy (a warning tone) you are supposed to not go through red lights" and with a quick point behind us she says "go back" :) She wanted me to turn around and do it the right way. I explaind to her about blinking lights and she understood. I'm sure she will be ready for her lisence soon.

Shiloh and I drove in his car to Plainview. He had an aunt pass away and this is where her funeral was. We continued on to Lubbock afterward where we made a quick visit with Gram and Pawpaw. It was Gram's birthday and we took her present to her (The Fiddler On the Roof soundtrack) then headed over to Abuelo's to eat with Shiloh's family. We saw a couple we know on a date with only thier youngest son (out of five)he is three months old and too small to stay with his Honey. So I stole him away for a bit while they finished up their food. I returned him when he became fussy. He's so adorable.

After our meal we took chips and salsa and iced coffee to my parent's house and had a quick visit there then we had to leave to go back with Shiloh's family and visit on the porch. :) That was really fun. We saw Shiloh's Aunt and Uncle from New Mexico that we haven't seen since our wedding in 2000. Then we headed back to my parents house to sleep. It was one a.m. We were giddy at bedtime thinking about how we did not have to wake up early to take care of the kids.

Sunday August 23,2009

9:30 was the latest I could sleep. I woke up just as my parents were pulling out of the driveway for church. We got ready and ate some Tokyo. Mmmmmmmmm. We headed out of town intending to get back quickly but we couldn't resist stopping by Crosbyton to visit some of "our" old places. We've often wanted to do this but when we have the kids and we are only one hour from Lubbock it isn't a great time to stop.
First we visited his old house.

This is where we met. The house is abandoned now and we are encouraging his parents to buy it in the event that Shiloh's mom gets the job transfer she is hoping for. This is his old bedroom window,if you squint you can see us in the reflection!

Then we headed to Mcadoo to see his other childhood home. We intended to look in the windows because it too is abandoned but as we got close we saw that someone was living there. We drove into the 'town' instead and drove around for a minute while Shiloh pointed out what he remembered. Just outside Mcadoo they've planted (installed) a wind farm. There are about 100 of these.

All in neat little rows.
We drove a little further to Patton Springs and Shiloh showed me his school where he went for a semester once. Then just a little further to East Afton and we checked our some chicken coops that my Papaw built in the 60's. Then we drove home to find three happy kids riding bikes and toating frogs. We bathed them before we left Granny's house and I drove home with Silas and Clara,who were asleep when we got here and I transplanted them to their beds.

Shiloh took Cecily to rent a movie and get a snack for her date tonight. On Sunday nights the kids take turns staying up late watching a movie with us. She chose a super hero cartoon, taco bell and cookies. We are watching now. I need

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What Our Summer Looks Like

Here is some of what our summers consist of.

{Playing Peek-A-Boo with our cousins}

{Playing barefoot in the backyard,climbing on everything}

{Snail hunting}


{Celebrating the Fourth of July}

{Learning new tricks at Harmony Hill}


{Playing in the sprinkler}


{Birthday Parties}

I can't believe the summer is almost over! What does your summer look like?