Friday, October 30, 2009

Meet Chandler

This is Chandler my youngest brother. Today is his birthday. He's eleven. He was born on a Friday. I remember because we were at skating when my mom went in for a prenatal checkup. We always went skating on Fridays. Not wanting you to be born on Halloween it was decided to induce labor. We waited for you a little while at the hospital (after skating of course) but then had basketball games that night so we went to those. Right before my game started Ambra told me you were here. We played then went to see you. I saw you through the glass in the nursery. The next day we went to visit you and you were in the room and we could hold you. Here are some other things I remember/think are great about you.

1-When you were a baby and we would take you with us on errands we liked to see the expressions on peoples faces when we said "this is our brother" being 16 and 17 years older everyone assumed you were our baby.

2-You slept through my entire wedding and are not in any of the photos we took after.

3-You could recognize the sound of Shiloh's car when he came to pick me up and would say "Shiloh!" and go running for the window. That's exactly what Silas does now only he says "Daddy!"

4-Remember the hot sauce eating incident of 2003? When ya'll were staying with us after Cecily was born we would stay up late playing cards and snacking. One night we had chips and salsa which you wanted to eat very badly only it was so hot you consumed about a gallon of water. That night your eyeballs were floating and you went sleepwalking to find the bathroom.

5-I'm pretty sure you are the only one who would play Charlie and Lola with me. Even if I did have to bribe you with iced coffee.

6-You were pretty good at Spider man poses when Cecily was born and you somehow rubbed off on her.

7-I love things in unproportional sizes and when I found a tiny skateboard it was because of you I had a reason to buy it.

8-We can take what you consider to be a clever trick and turn it around until you are the one being tricked and you don't get mad and stomp off.

9-You once called 911 as a baby and even fooled the police into believing it wasn't you.

10-You really loved your giant Woody from Toy Story and even believed he would move when you left the room.

11-Blake convinced you he stretched out your ear once.

12-You really believed #10 and #11 and that makes it so much more fun to tease you about.

13-You became obsessed with matches after watching Toy Story and would gather every match you could find and take it out to the back porch and strike it like Woody did. Until dad made you a giant match to play with that was slightly safer.

That's kind of a lot considering you were only almost two when I moved away. Any one who wants to add to the list just click on comment and leave your really great thing there and I will add it to the list.

Happy Birthday Chany Man. Congratulations for being on this side of a decade.

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CAB said...

Sweet post - what a different experience it must be/have been to be in your family - my siblings and I are only a couple of years apart each and there's only 3 of us - we all were right there together through it all. CKB on the other hand is more like what you're describing - his eldest brother is 16 years older than he is! We were just thinking about how when Miss Baby is Miss E's age, Miss E will be, gasp, 16! Eeek!