Thursday, July 30, 2009

Weekly Remnants...Revisited

It's been awhile since I logged on every day to record some highlight of our day and after going back and reading a few old posts I decided I really like having that to look at so I'm going to try to keep up again.

July 29, 2009

Today I went to Karate and then to the shop for a shower. Samantha came to watch the kids and I went out with Abbie for the afternoon.

We got piercings (I thought I had it out of my system,I really did. Maybe this time?)Abbie was a brave girl. She only cried one tear!

We then blindly followed Tom-Tom to Whole Foods (we thought) but he led us nowhere. Note to self. Tom-Tom is not to be trusted. Thank you random girl at 7-11 for proper directions.

While in Whole Foods Abbie made a life change. She recognized the fact that sea salt is better for you than regular salt(and I still stand by my self proclaimed statement that sea salt is saltier than regular salt) I'm sure she did not just buy it because the girl who pierced her nose said she had to use it for cleaning three times a day. No,I'm sure it was just the first step on the road to a healthier her.

While eating at Pei-Wei (For two hours? Why would you ask that? Of course it doesn't take that long to eat pad thai...) Abbie suggested something we might try for Clara that would help getting her into bed easier. It involved pennies in a jar and taking away one if there are any problems. I revised it a bit and it was decided that the girls would get a penny in a jar each morning if they went to bed without any problems. After seven pennies there would be a prize. They've found these little purses with an animal inside at Claire's that is going to be the first goal.

Bedtime was a breeze tonight...

July 30, 2009

Today we visited Granny. We went to the park to play then to Sonic for lunch. Back at her house the girls hunted frogs. Silas took a long nap and while Granny and the girls took a rest I went to the resale barn to look for bargains. I found some great candle holders.

Shiloh's mom came in from Houston to stay the night. She is on her way to Lubbock. The girls were super wired at bedtime, they will not be getting their penny in the morning...

July 31, 2009

This morning after Grandma left our house the kids and I got ready and met up with Shiloh and Blake and Abbie and Kyle and Kolten and Hayden at Chipoltle. Mmmmmmmm.

Abbie and the girls and I ran some errands while Silas napped at the shop.

I brought the kids home and put them to bed because Shiloh is working late. The girls will get a penny in the morning!

Everyone is supposed to come over and watch a movie if they get done working soon. If.

August 1, 2009

Today Shiloh took the kids to the shop while I slept late. I got up and went thrift store shopping for awhile.

The girls had a skating birthday party to go to this afternoon. It was their first time skating and they had fun. Cecily was upset she didn't know how to skate perfectly right away.

After the party I took them to see the new Ice Age movie. They loved it! It was cute.

Target before home for some necessities.

The girls are in bed now. They earned their third penny tonight.

We are watching Defiance now. Silas is still up. He had a fun day with Daddy. He thinks he is all grown up now.

August 2, 2009

This morning I got up early with the kiddos. I gave them grapes,mango,and clementines for breakfast. I cleaned a bit but got discouraged cause everything was just getting undone as fast as I'd just done it (Sorry couldn't help myself. Feeling very Texan,also country). Shiloh sent me and the kids outside while he did a quick clean sweep and then announced he was taking the kids to the shop.

I pushed aside my giddiness at some alone time and said I would get all the laundry done.

It's just been laundry and this computer all afternoon. Now it is bedtime and I'm wondering just what kind of fun they might be up to.

Cecily came in with a surprise! She walked in the door and announced she has a loose tooth! She actually has two. I told her not to loose her teeth and stay a little girl. She shrugged and said "Well, I can't do that". :)

Crazy Hair Salon Day

That's the way,

Uh huh,

Uh huh,

I spike it!

Uh huh uh huh.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Little about Clara

This morning before getting ready for church the kids and I were outside playing with sidewalk chalk. I hear Clara say "I got pweeeeeeety eyes!" I look up to tell her she is right and I notice she is just drawing away. Then I see what she is drawing. It's a big capital I. Excuse me what I actually heard is "I got pweeeeety I's" In the photo you can see the bottom half of her I coming out from her heel.

Later on at church the girls and I were in the bathroom and I said (about something or other) "That is correct" Cecily asks "What is correct?" So after I explain what correct is and what incorrect is Clara says "Mommy watch, when I wash my hands you are donna say -Stand on your tip toes- and I will say" here she grins mischievously and shakes her head no. Letting me know she is tall enough to reach now. I say to her "You will say-Mommy you are incorrect" She grins again and says "No, I will say you are out-of-correct."

Silly girl.

Silas drawing with/eating sidewalk chalk

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Button Rings

About three years ago I saw and idea in a magazine that I fell in love with. Someone made rings out of old buttons. I fell in love with this idea and soon after found myself scouring antique shops,resale stores and ebay to find old buttons. After collecting many buttons I hunted down the ring blanks and super strong glue and became creative. While pregnant with Silas I had insomnia and would stay up crafting until the wee hours. It was then that I created these.

September 2007 my Mom and Granny and I decided to rent a space at a local craft fair to sell some things we had made. I sold only one ring the entire two days. I packed them up for two years and recently decided I was ready to try again. My almost sister in law Abbie told me of a website almost like ebay called etsy. Only it's only for vintage items or handmade crafts. I set up a shop and Abbie took photos. I just finished uploading my first batch tonight and so I am here to announce I am officially opened for business.

Here are a few rings in my shop right now.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Reepicheep Has a Tail!

Yesterday we finally finished reading Prince Caspian. We put it in the book bag and forgot about it for a few weeks. Yesterday we read the last chapter after church and then watched the movie.

Cecily was glued.

During the battle Reepicheep (the honorable mouse) gets his tail cut off and Aslan restores it to him. Cecily loved that part in the book and when she saw it in the movie she had to rewind it to see it grow again.

Here they are enjoying a snack of ice cream with the movie. They can hardly look away long enough to eat it.

She was sad that the movie did not include the part where the children took meat from the bear that DLF shot to save Lucy and carry it until they cooked it for dinner.

But overall she decided "I liked it but I liked the first one better 'cause Lucy had cuter clothes"

Silas woke up from his nap and had more interest in helping Daddy build a shelf than in the movie. Shiloh gave him a snack of Nutella on gram cracker. He loved it! He really looks like Shiloh in these pics.

It was a nice Sunday. We are back on the organizing our house track and I will share soon what we have been up to.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Craigs List Day

We are craigs listing it today so if you see anything you want speak now or forever hold your peace.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Root Beer Floats For Free

Not too long ago Sonic gave away free root beer floats. We decided to take the kids to experience their first floats. Deciding to beat the rush we arrived at Sonic thirty minutes early. We told the girls they could get our of their car seats if they would stay in the back of the van and not climb up front. Right away of course there they were,up front too excited to remember the stay in the back rule. I told them to go sit in their seats to finish waiting cause they didn't stay in the back. Cecily was buckling back up and acting huffy then she said "Mommy,compassion means giving people a second chance!"

Clara enjoying her float.

Cecily enjoying her float

And lastly but not leastly Silas and his float

Got Float?

Caution: floats can cause abnormal behavior in small children,

use sparingly.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

An Inside Joke Overheard

Today we went to check out Abbie and Blake's pool for the first time. On the way there from her car seat Clara wanted to know...

"Mommy,is Abbie donna fwim too?"

I answer "Yes,ma'am"

Clara giggles and says to Cecily "She said yes, ma'am!"

Cecily and Clara both have fits of giggles and when Cecily can speak again she says "That means she obeys us!"

More giggling.

Silly girls.