Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Root Beer Floats For Free

Not too long ago Sonic gave away free root beer floats. We decided to take the kids to experience their first floats. Deciding to beat the rush we arrived at Sonic thirty minutes early. We told the girls they could get our of their car seats if they would stay in the back of the van and not climb up front. Right away of course there they were,up front too excited to remember the stay in the back rule. I told them to go sit in their seats to finish waiting cause they didn't stay in the back. Cecily was buckling back up and acting huffy then she said "Mommy,compassion means giving people a second chance!"

Clara enjoying her float.

Cecily enjoying her float

And lastly but not leastly Silas and his float

Got Float?

Caution: floats can cause abnormal behavior in small children,

use sparingly.

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CAB said...


Who took the family pics? A Sonic employee?