Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Button Rings

About three years ago I saw and idea in a magazine that I fell in love with. Someone made rings out of old buttons. I fell in love with this idea and soon after found myself scouring antique shops,resale stores and ebay to find old buttons. After collecting many buttons I hunted down the ring blanks and super strong glue and became creative. While pregnant with Silas I had insomnia and would stay up crafting until the wee hours. It was then that I created these.

September 2007 my Mom and Granny and I decided to rent a space at a local craft fair to sell some things we had made. I sold only one ring the entire two days. I packed them up for two years and recently decided I was ready to try again. My almost sister in law Abbie told me of a website almost like ebay called etsy. Only it's only for vintage items or handmade crafts. I set up a shop and Abbie took photos. I just finished uploading my first batch tonight and so I am here to announce I am officially opened for business.

Here are a few rings in my shop right now.

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