Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cecily Reading

While doing a reading lesson with Cecily tonight things became quite silly. She was kind of spacey and not really paying attention. When she sounds out a word she likes to use it in a sentence and after reading 'for' the sentence went something like this.

"She brought lots and lots of pretty fuzzy purple beautiful paper..." here she trailed off not really finishing her sentence. Just as I was raising my eyebrow and looking over wondering if she realized she didn't even use the word 'for' she trailed back on finishing up quickly "...for to use as wallpaper!"

We giggled and then moved on. She is so silly.

Cecily and I were talking about growing a garden. More specifically growing hay. To make hay bales to build a straw house, you know like pig number one. She was coloring away when she got really excited about the possibility of growing things and she said "We could grow stuffing!" Smiling at Shiloh I asked "Do you mean cotton?" "Oh yeah cotton I mean." Then she added "Nooooo we better leave that up to the farmers"

Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekly Remnants

Sunday April 18 2010

Today we finished up a weekend long slumber party with my sister and her four kids. Shiloh was out of town trying to catch a shark on Padre Island and so Kandice and I hung out here trying to rid the house of all beverages you could consume hot. We also hung up 48 little plastic birds on my bedroom wall. Yes, folks it is as fun as it sounds.

When they were gone I took the kids to McDonalds for dinner and some playtime before bed. I took in an Adelle Davis (ironic I know) book to read while they played. There were some rough boys and the kids were too scared to play so we had a tiny ice cream cone and opted to rent a movie to watch instead. We rented Kit Kitridge but when we got it home it was cracked so we read a chapter of The Silver Chair instead (again).

Monday April 19 2010

Today when lunch rolled around I discovered we were out of food so we went again to McDonalds. I know. Yuck. When we got home we saw the mailman just leaving so I checked the mail while the kids ate on the porch.

I received a letter from an attorney stating I had a debt of $2300.00 that I needed to pay now (or else). I didn't recognize the debt as my own and so began the process of getting my identity back. They should invent something like a nine digit number that only you know to use to prove you are who you say you are. What's that? They already have that? Well, it doesn't work very well. I will receive a copy of the original application for this credit card I supposedly opened in four to six weeks and then maybe I can determine where this identity thief lives. Somehow.

The girls had theatre workshop today and Silas and I met Shiloh to get an inspection sticker on my van. I figured since I have two out of town trips to make this week I'd better not chance the ticket for a two month out of date sticker. Silas bought Peanut Butter M&Ms from the vending machine while we waited. The cashier made a copy of Shiloh's insurance for me since for some reason I didn't have one. Good thing I didn't chance that ticket. I would've gotten a tow as well as a ticket and been left stranded on the highway with three children and their car seats.

Shiloh made the kids spaghetti when he got home from work since I am having one of those can't-walk-by-the-end-of-the-day days. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I had to run across the yard to rid Silas of a fire ant. A fire ant that he actually rid himself of just after I ran across the yard. But still I had to run because in the event of a fire ant attack you don't know until you get across the yard if it is one ant or a hundred. All you hear is the there-is-a-fire-ant-on-me cry. Which is similar but different somehow from the I'm-about-to-vomit cry. Luckily today it was only one ant. Still I can barely walk much less run. Anyhow can't wait till chiropractor day.

Tuesday April 20, 2010

Shiloh left town again early this morning to go to a business seminar in Dallas. Since he got up early I couldn't go back to sleep and so I thought it would be a good time to put the seashells and "diamonds" that I bought into the sandbox for the kids to discover later. Cecily woke up and I was caught. I told her I was working on a surprise for later.

We went to the grocery store and when we came home I let them dig in to the sand. Their shouts of joy and exclamation at discovering the hidden treasures soon turned into shrieks of protest and yells of "that's mine give it back!" They were grounded from the sand and treasures the rest of the day.

I had them nap in their rooms and then we went to karate class in the evening.

They earned their white stripes on their belts.

I spent my first night ever at home alone with the kids. Don't worry I set a booby trap by the front door in case someone came in that way.

Wednesday April 21, 2010

Today Clara came running into my bedroom asking for the video camera. I gave her my phone to record what was so funny and all three came running in with a video a few minutes later. Clara had filmed the end of Cecily changing Silas' dirty diaper. They were all giggling so hard. I don't know what possessed Cecily to do that but when she carried it to the trash somehow the giggle boxes opened and wouldn't close.

Listening to Clara play eeny meeny miny moe between her ranch dressing and her honey to see which one she wants to dip her chicken in.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


How to set up and run a successful lemonade stand.

Step one:Go to the store and get supplies. We got lemonade,napkins,supplies to make the sign,water bottles and glow sticks. At home we already had popsicles and ice.

We also got these pinwheels to draw attention to ourselves from the street.

Step two:Make the lemonade so it can start getting cold in the fridge. We each poured in some lemonade mixture and then we stirred and stirred. Silas might have dipped in his finger for a quick taste. Mommy said it was OK that it was bound to happen and it wouldn't hurt anything because we all washed our hands.

Step three:Wait until Silas is napping and then get our all the sign making supplies. We also made hats so we would look like real "sellers".

Step four:Take everything outside and set it up just in time for school to let out so we could catch the "customers" walking home from school. Our little table fit perfectly in the shade of our family Bradford pear tree. It was nice because it was our only shade in the whole front yard. Daddy planted this tree when I was born and we became a family of three. It's grown a lot and so has our family.

Mommy put up messages on facebook and blogger and she texted our friends to tell them to stop by. Lots of our friends came!

We poured and poured. Lots of people bought popsicles too but everyone loved the glowsticks. We sold everything for one quarter each.

When buisness was slow we hung out with these girls from the neighborhood and played duck duck goose.

At the end of the day when we were so tired we convinced these customers to give us a wagon ride. Don't worry they are friends of Mommy and Daddy.

We had a lot of fun and earned over $25.00 to donate here. Everyday we ask Mommy if we can set up another stand and when she says no I put on my pouty voice and say "But Mommy, I want to earn money to donate to the children!" She dosen't change her mind though.

By Cecily (wink)

Silas is Funny!

This morning first things I sent the kids out to play. It was a cool morning and I had laundry to do. While I was in the laundry room I heard the clomp clomp clomp of Silas' flat footed footsteps and him proudly calling out "Cecy, I find a roller pilly! Cecy, I find a roller pilly!" Over and over he kept saying this as he walked through the house trying to find Cecily. I went to see if he had a roley poley and sure enough he did! Here he is proudly showing it of to the camera.

In his other hand was his half eaten apple that was his morning snack. He is so silly!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bedtime Conversation With Silas

April,10 2010

So last night Silas was in the mood to talk. I rocked him and above the squeak squeak of the rocking chair he jabbered on and on about everything he had done or wished to do that day.

First he told me he was a transformer. Then he said "Mama, baby transformer. Bumblebee BIG" He meant of course that he was just a baby transformer because he wasn't nearly as large as Bumblebee.

Then he listed some of his favorite toys "Airpwane(airplane)...hecopper (helicopter)..." And a random body part "weg(leg)..." Then all the food he had eaten that day "cewe-al ba(cereal bar)...rice...beans...popsicle...wemonade(lemonade)..."

At this point his randomness made me laugh and I said "You're cracking me up!" Now of course he doesn't know that expression so he asks while patting my belly "Huh,Mama? Hole?" He was asking if cracking up meant that I was getting a hole in my tummy. This made me laugh a little more and I said "No,cracking me up is an expression. It means your making me laugh." Suddenly it was as if it all made sense to him. As if he understood the expression and he understood how thinking there were a hole was funny. He started to giggle. I giggled. We both did that can't stop-giggling-like-you-are-in-church-and-it-is-completely-inappropriate-giggle. Suddenly he stops and in a perfectly serious manner he asks "Eggs,Mama?" Clearly he still did not understand the meaning of cracking someone up and he thought it must mean something or other about eggs. I lost it. I could not stop laughing and finally told him he better get to sleep cause now I had to use the bathroom. He laid down on my shoulder and asked me to hold his water because it was making his hands cold. So again we rocked and squeaked rocked and squeaked and he was saying softly over and over "cold, cold, mama, cold" I thought he meant his hands. You know from when he was holding his cup. Then in a much louder voice he says "Hiney cold,Mommy!" Drawing my attention I realized I was holding his cup on the back of his thigh and it was too cold through the thin material of his pajamas. Not wanting to get him riled up again I stifled a giggle,moved his cup and apologized.

The boy is a nut.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Lemonade For Compassion

Update: The lemonade stand is now closed! We sold pink lemonade,popsicles,water bottles and glow sticks. We earned 25.82 to donate to Compassion. I'll upload photos as soon as I can find the cable that goes to the camera. Now I have to go donate!

Hello friends! I just wanted to let you know that after reading what this Mama was doing to help these Mamas I thought we would do our part. So click HERE to read about what this Mama is doing and if you are so inspired make a donation of your own! Or you can stop by our house from 3 to 5:30 (or until we get tired and run out of supplies) and have some lemonade and a popsicle and we will donate all proceeds to Compassion Child Survival Program! I'll post photos of our endeavor tonight when we are all done! Thanks for taking the time to help!