Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bedtime Conversation With Silas

April,10 2010

So last night Silas was in the mood to talk. I rocked him and above the squeak squeak of the rocking chair he jabbered on and on about everything he had done or wished to do that day.

First he told me he was a transformer. Then he said "Mama, baby transformer. Bumblebee BIG" He meant of course that he was just a baby transformer because he wasn't nearly as large as Bumblebee.

Then he listed some of his favorite toys "Airpwane(airplane)...hecopper (helicopter)..." And a random body part "weg(leg)..." Then all the food he had eaten that day "cewe-al ba(cereal bar)...rice...beans...popsicle...wemonade(lemonade)..."

At this point his randomness made me laugh and I said "You're cracking me up!" Now of course he doesn't know that expression so he asks while patting my belly "Huh,Mama? Hole?" He was asking if cracking up meant that I was getting a hole in my tummy. This made me laugh a little more and I said "No,cracking me up is an expression. It means your making me laugh." Suddenly it was as if it all made sense to him. As if he understood the expression and he understood how thinking there were a hole was funny. He started to giggle. I giggled. We both did that can't stop-giggling-like-you-are-in-church-and-it-is-completely-inappropriate-giggle. Suddenly he stops and in a perfectly serious manner he asks "Eggs,Mama?" Clearly he still did not understand the meaning of cracking someone up and he thought it must mean something or other about eggs. I lost it. I could not stop laughing and finally told him he better get to sleep cause now I had to use the bathroom. He laid down on my shoulder and asked me to hold his water because it was making his hands cold. So again we rocked and squeaked rocked and squeaked and he was saying softly over and over "cold, cold, mama, cold" I thought he meant his hands. You know from when he was holding his cup. Then in a much louder voice he says "Hiney cold,Mommy!" Drawing my attention I realized I was holding his cup on the back of his thigh and it was too cold through the thin material of his pajamas. Not wanting to get him riled up again I stifled a giggle,moved his cup and apologized.

The boy is a nut.

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Jan said...

What a silly willy! I am glad that you are savoring every moment. They fly.