Monday, November 19, 2012

A Few Captions

When I took the photos recently of the kids at our homeschool co-op I asked some of them to make a silly face.

Some of them hesitated but no one refused. They just did it. They certainly didn't have to. So I was thinking, maybe I'm one of the scary homeschool moms and they were afraid to refuse.

I only know about scary homeschool moms because I was homeschooled and believe me, there were the nice,fun moms and...there were the scary ones.

I mostly avoided the scary ones.

I had pictured putting the photos to a slideshow and quickly running through all the silly faces at the end but the song I ended up choosing was a slower song and also I couldn't figure out how to just speed up some photos and not all the photos.

So instead I stared at the silly face photos and some of them spoke to me.

This is what they said.

And one of my very very favorites.

So obedient those kids. I wonder what I can get them to do next semester?



Siblings. That's all.

Camille's Friends

These were Camille's classmates at our homeschool co-op this fall.

Miss A

Mr. J

And of course once again

Miss C

Don't think it was easy getting these photos.
It was a super funny challenge.

Oh and remember

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Another Peak

This is Noah.

I love that sweet look on his face.

He would rather not be called sweet I bet.

He had told his mom he didn't want photos and she told him he could choose not to have any taken.

But when I asked him,he sat down and did exactly as I asked.

I didn't even know he had objections.

I'm really glad he participated.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Miss Caitlin

This past Friday I had the pleasure of capturing some really fun images 
of all the kiddos at our homeschool co-op.

This was my first time taking photos of anyone outside my family 
and I had a lot of fun.

The kids were all really fun to work with and 
I even learned a great tip for glares on glasses 
from one of the girls who's dad loves to take photos.

Though I liked them all very much and will likely
be sharing lots more with you,

this is one of my personal favorites.

Isn't she beautiful?

And a good sport to boot.

Friday, November 2, 2012