Wednesday, June 10, 2009

High Speed Chase

We may or may not have been involved in a high speed chase about an hour ago.

While resting upstairs at the shop earlier I heard what sounded like a car leaving the parking lot going really fast. There was also yelling. I thought it was Shioh leaving on some errands and accelerating quickly and the guys (playfully) yelling after him. A few minutes later I heard some sirens and thought the two sounds were unrelated.

When I walked down the stairs I was quickly informed that I missed out on all the excitement.

A car that was being chased thought behind our shop would be a good place to hide. He went behind and stopped. The officer saw him and came barreling through as well. The chasee took off through our grass and went back onto the road. The chaser followed.

There were cars parked all around (my van was right in the way) and the place where the guy was parked for a second was where the kids often run around and play while I watch.

God was really watching our for us when He made me decide that today would be a good napping day. We were all laying down instead of playing outside when this happened. I never (except for today) have the girls nap.

Just another day in the life of Heritage Collision Center.

Here are a few other interesting almost tragedies that we have had since moving in to the new building God has protected us from.

-Shiloh got stung (bit?) by a brown recluse spider. He was really sick for about two weeks before we knew why.

-The tornado of course. It came through around 11:00pm and there were lots of days we put the kids to bed upstairs and worked on the offices. But not on this day.

-Eric took a drink and sucked a bee up through the straw. The bee stung him and Shiloh had to rush him to the ER before his throat closed up completely.

-Cecily decided the roof of the awning would be a good place to play.

-Shiloh became ill with strep throat and didn't take the time to rest and get better and it turned into scarlet fever.

When I started the list I was sure there were more things than that. Well, that's enough anyway.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My New Phone

While in Lubbock my old phone passed away.

I really loved my old phone. It was a Samsung Upstage. Phone on the front. MP3 player on the back. I never even put one song on it the whole two years I had it but I intended to. Just knowing that I could have that play list I always dreamed of having was enough for me. It was slimmer than most phones and that made me love it. I like having something different than everyone else. I never met anyone with the same phone while I had it.

I've only ever had Samsung phones. My first phone was a blue Samsung flip phone. It had a toggle switch. Not many people had flip phones back when I got that one so it was different as well.

The one I got after that one died was also a Samsung but a common one. They didn't have anything that was very unique so I settled for cheap. Shiloh and I got one at the same time. I got blue in memory of my first phone and Shiloh got it in green. The green one broke right away and so he traded it for a red one. I used this phone until the part that flipped up was only held on by one internal (that was now external) wire. Everyone said I should get a new phone and eventually I did. That was the upstage. It was black.

Now I would like you all to meet my new phone.

It is an LG Lotus. It's red, if they had had it in blue I would've gotten that instead. It's short and fat and that's why it is unique. It's my first ever full keyboard phone. I didn't really want that because I don't text very much but it gives me that option if I ever decide to become a twitterer and tweet in between blogging. It's also my first ever non Samsung. The lady said it was up there with Samsung and comparable so we'll see. The only Samsung that I thought I may possibly like had the keyboard that slid out. Since I don't text or have Internet access for my phone I didn't want to get that one.

Well, that's all for now.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Weekly Remnants Times Two

Monday May 11, 2009

Today was a stay at home kind of day. There was rain outside. Video watching inside. Laundry and dishes always. And entertaining the bird. Swedish meatballs for dinner with lingonberry sauce. Yum!

If you had a bird what would you call it?

Tuesday May 12, 2009

Today we shopped at the consignment store and paid with credit that has built up from selling through them. I found out our credit was over 400.00 dollars! I guess it's been awhile since I checked. I decided to leave it at the store for now and use it to redo the girls room when it's time.

Off to Chick-fil-a to eat lunch and we stayed under an hour. You should be proud.

Then to the shop for some playtime.

We ate dinner at Tracks. I know,two meals out in one day? I was not in a cooking mood.

I rented a movie and took it over to Kandice's. I am a horrible movie renter.

We decided for the next twelve days to eat nothing but raw foods. This is my last pitiful attempt to have cute arms in my dress for the wedding. I went grocery shopping when I left her house. Aside from fruits,veggies,cheese,nuts,and peanut butter there was nothing on my list. You can imagine my excitement when on the condiment aisle I discovered a loophole in the laws of eating raw foods. Pickles and olives. Do not comment me and tell me these things are actually cooked before they are jarred. I will not believe it.

Wednesday May 13, 2009

Karate as usual. I missed Monday's class and was behind in some of the forms. I don't like skipping.

Kandice came to the shop and we did an exercise video. The kids thought we were extremely silly.

We went to Kandice's for dinner we had salad with tomatoes and guacamole for dessert. Everyone else had chicken fajitas.

Thursday May 14, 2009

This morning Kandice and I took five out of seven kids to run some errands and do a little shopping in Dallas. Guess how much shopping we got done? We needed an errand runner. Don't be scared Abbie, there was not an extra seat anyway. :)

I took the girls to gymnastics and Cecily showed off her newly acquired talent of standing on her head.

Now its all pack pack pack load load load. Tomorrow can you guess what it will be? Yup. Drive drive drive. There may also be some sing sing sing-ing of The Backyardigans.

Don't laugh. You do not have three toddlers. Get back to me when you do and let's see what you're jammin to in your big white ride.

Friday May 15, 2009

Drive drive drive day is over. Phew. We made the whole trip with only one stop (that I'm going to blog about). I consider that an amazing feat. The children consider it torture. There was no screaming only extreme boredom. For some reason I overlooked the fact that I must keep Silas entertained when I expect him to ride for six hours in his car seat. So I dug out my new makeup brushes and that did the trick.

Saturday May 16, 2009

Today I went to Preston's graduation. I managed to stay in the auditorium until after his video and stuff then I had to take Silas out. Before I took him out I thought it might be safe to just stand in the back. I have now completed running downhill in heels 101. Kandice thought this looked like a fun course and joined me when Silas escaped down the aisle she was guarding. Briggs thought Silas was having all the fun and that's when we decided to take the babies all the way out. It wasn't so bad. We got to visit with someone we knew in high school who had a little one that couldn't sit still either.

After the ceremony Kandice,Ashlea and I took all the kids to play at McDonald's for lack of anything better to do.

Sunday May 17, 2009

Today was the day of the big sleep over I had planned for Abbie (my almost sister-in-law). We went to church in the A.M. and then to Gram's where I thought I would have a little nap since I did not think the hostess would be aloud to leave the party early if she got tired. I had to much to get ready to do much napping so I loaded up the car and left my Grandfather and 10 year old cousin in charge of the children. I figured the worst that would happen is that they would stay up later than usual but at some point I knew they had to sleep.

I arrived at the church where the sleepover would be and Abbie and I decorated. People came and we made favors for the wedding. Well, Gram made the favors and we wrapped them. They were caramels which we wrapped in cling wrap and tied up with ribbon. We only had to make two ribbon runs because we kept running out. They other thing was to make bows for boutonnieres. While we did those things we played games. Tasks and triggers is my new favorite game. This is played exactly how it sounds. Everyone randomly selects a task from a bowl, the same with the triggers and the only rule is your must preform your task whenever you are triggered. However you don't want to be found out so discretion is advised. Gram, would you like some cream soda? Kudos to Beth for being able to sniff your armpits so discreetly and win all the chocolate covered coffee beans.

Games aside and three wedding movies later the party was over. I cleaned up. Checked into the hotel room that would be my home for the next week

and picked up the kiddos (yes, they survived the whole night away from me). I was a bit tired so I don't recall the rest of Monday. Moving on.

Tuesday May 18, 2009

I had last minute things to get for the wedding so Mom and Granny kept 6 out of 9 five and under grandchildren the whole day while my sister and I shopped. I love Forever 21.

Wednesday May 19, 2009

We went to church tonight and I sat in the nursery.

Thursday May 20, 2009

Not quite accomplishing all my shopping on Tuesday my Mom and Granny again kept the kids for me (I'm getting so spoiled) this time however there were only five five and unders and they (the adults) were armed with crafts.

I took my brother to the orthodontist to have something put back into place and even though we got there first thing in the morning it still took two hours. Two hours is a lot of shopping time. By the time we left I had a lot of energy and add to that the McDonald's coffee we treated ourselves to we were feeling pretty silly. This may or may not (but probably was) the reason we decided that the rule was as long as we were in the mall

we must speak in a British accent. I would only call him Charlie and he would only call me Lola.

I love Charlie and Lola. We got so much extra attention just because of our accents.

Shopping was a success and the kids made a great picture to hang on Shiloh's office wall.

Friday May 21, 2009

Today I went to Abbie's lingerie shower. It was a prom theme so it gave us old'uns (that's Texas talk) a chance to pretend to be in high school again. We all wore prom dresses and went for a ride in a limo. We played Chinese fire drill (safe cause it was in a parking lot dangerous cause we were wearing heels). Drank Shirley Temples ate ice cream sundaes and pretended the lingerie was dessert and made a menu. Oh, and lets not forget the dancing. Nope, white girls can't dance but they sure can pretend. It was a blast. Kudos to the bridesmaids (bridesmaid...bride maids?)for a great party.

Shiloh drove to Lubbock today and was supposed to be there in time for me to go to the shower. He had a blowout instead and in the crazy scramble I had to do to get a sitter to come in his stead we ran out of time to shop before the shower. It's totally lame to go to a shower empty handed. Sorry Abbie! (I made up for it the next day so you can cut the booing)

Thanks to Claire and Tess for sitting at the last minute. These girls were awesome. Caring for five five and under children in one tiny hotel room and getting them all to go to sleep while they hung out in the bathroom. I give you each seventeen points. Now mark those points down cause I'm sure someday in the future minivan mom blogging points will be worth at least as much as monopoly money. Maybe more with interest.

Saturday May 22, 2009

Today we did a tad more shopping. Shiloh needed wedding shoes and jeans.

Rehearsal dinner was next. Good food, sweet video, no what? No, I was only sympathy crying with Beth. To make her feel better. You guys should know better than that.

In an attempt to keep the Sherman group entertained in Lubbock we bought a volleyball and Frisbee and headed to the park. Joined by some of my family we had a great time. The girls dug in the sand and collected discarded bottle caps as treasure. When it got dark we went to the drive in and saw the sequel to Night at the Museum. Silas was not entertained. I saw a lot of the movie in reverse because I watched it in the rear view mirror while Silas drove the van.

Shiloh took the kids back to the hotel for bed and I went to I-Hop with the Sherman group. This was were we went after my high school graduation ceremony and it brought back memories. Mostly of our waitress who could say hello in like 80 languages and also of how they would not let anyone leave until everyone paid their bills.

I've got to publish this post before it turns into Weekly Remnants Time Four so pardon all my typos and blunders. You'll just have to live with the fact I am not grammatically perfect. Sorry to burst your bubbles.