Wednesday, June 10, 2009

High Speed Chase

We may or may not have been involved in a high speed chase about an hour ago.

While resting upstairs at the shop earlier I heard what sounded like a car leaving the parking lot going really fast. There was also yelling. I thought it was Shioh leaving on some errands and accelerating quickly and the guys (playfully) yelling after him. A few minutes later I heard some sirens and thought the two sounds were unrelated.

When I walked down the stairs I was quickly informed that I missed out on all the excitement.

A car that was being chased thought behind our shop would be a good place to hide. He went behind and stopped. The officer saw him and came barreling through as well. The chasee took off through our grass and went back onto the road. The chaser followed.

There were cars parked all around (my van was right in the way) and the place where the guy was parked for a second was where the kids often run around and play while I watch.

God was really watching our for us when He made me decide that today would be a good napping day. We were all laying down instead of playing outside when this happened. I never (except for today) have the girls nap.

Just another day in the life of Heritage Collision Center.

Here are a few other interesting almost tragedies that we have had since moving in to the new building God has protected us from.

-Shiloh got stung (bit?) by a brown recluse spider. He was really sick for about two weeks before we knew why.

-The tornado of course. It came through around 11:00pm and there were lots of days we put the kids to bed upstairs and worked on the offices. But not on this day.

-Eric took a drink and sucked a bee up through the straw. The bee stung him and Shiloh had to rush him to the ER before his throat closed up completely.

-Cecily decided the roof of the awning would be a good place to play.

-Shiloh became ill with strep throat and didn't take the time to rest and get better and it turned into scarlet fever.

When I started the list I was sure there were more things than that. Well, that's enough anyway.

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