Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My New Phone

While in Lubbock my old phone passed away.

I really loved my old phone. It was a Samsung Upstage. Phone on the front. MP3 player on the back. I never even put one song on it the whole two years I had it but I intended to. Just knowing that I could have that play list I always dreamed of having was enough for me. It was slimmer than most phones and that made me love it. I like having something different than everyone else. I never met anyone with the same phone while I had it.

I've only ever had Samsung phones. My first phone was a blue Samsung flip phone. It had a toggle switch. Not many people had flip phones back when I got that one so it was different as well.

The one I got after that one died was also a Samsung but a common one. They didn't have anything that was very unique so I settled for cheap. Shiloh and I got one at the same time. I got blue in memory of my first phone and Shiloh got it in green. The green one broke right away and so he traded it for a red one. I used this phone until the part that flipped up was only held on by one internal (that was now external) wire. Everyone said I should get a new phone and eventually I did. That was the upstage. It was black.

Now I would like you all to meet my new phone.

It is an LG Lotus. It's red, if they had had it in blue I would've gotten that instead. It's short and fat and that's why it is unique. It's my first ever full keyboard phone. I didn't really want that because I don't text very much but it gives me that option if I ever decide to become a twitterer and tweet in between blogging. It's also my first ever non Samsung. The lady said it was up there with Samsung and comparable so we'll see. The only Samsung that I thought I may possibly like had the keyboard that slid out. Since I don't text or have Internet access for my phone I didn't want to get that one.

Well, that's all for now.

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