Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cecily Reading

While doing a reading lesson with Cecily tonight things became quite silly. She was kind of spacey and not really paying attention. When she sounds out a word she likes to use it in a sentence and after reading 'for' the sentence went something like this.

"She brought lots and lots of pretty fuzzy purple beautiful paper..." here she trailed off not really finishing her sentence. Just as I was raising my eyebrow and looking over wondering if she realized she didn't even use the word 'for' she trailed back on finishing up quickly "...for to use as wallpaper!"

We giggled and then moved on. She is so silly.

Cecily and I were talking about growing a garden. More specifically growing hay. To make hay bales to build a straw house, you know like pig number one. She was coloring away when she got really excited about the possibility of growing things and she said "We could grow stuffing!" Smiling at Shiloh I asked "Do you mean cotton?" "Oh yeah cotton I mean." Then she added "Nooooo we better leave that up to the farmers"

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