Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekly Remnants

8-9-10 Monday

Getting used to being home with the kids...all four of them. I'm haven't braved going out on my own yet with all of them. But in an attempt to keep the house clean without having to do to much actual cleaning an outing might be in order this week.

Clara took a bath in the kitchen sink and put soap in my coffee cup just before I refilled it. It tasted nice and clean when I got to the bottom after I drank most of it.

I got in my very first order from Briar.Claire today. Matching pink flowers to decorate my children with. I'm in love. I wonder who will support my new Etsy shopping addiction...?

I took note of today's date and made sure to notice what I was doing on 8-9-10 at 11:12 pm. I was watching the 4400 with Shiloh and holding sweet baby Camille in our big black recliner.

8-10-10 Tuesday

Since I don't always log in and blog every night I don't remember much of this day...

8-11-10 Wednesday

Today I couldn't take another day at home alone with the kids so we ventured out. This was my first time to go out with everyone by myself. We went to Chick-fil-a and used our free breakfast coupons. The kids played and I drank coffee and held Camille and tried to pretend it felt completely normal to be in charge of four kids in public. Like I did it everyday. I didn't make any mistakes except for leaving my keys in the ignition, luckily I didn't lock the van.

After they tired of playing we went to the dollar tree to find some work bookish activities to call "school" so when we stay home they will be entertained. We found lots. I found out Cecily could work double digit addition problems...who knew?

We went to the shop to kill the last bit of time before nap time and hung out there just a bit while Camille ate.

In the evening after Shiloh came home he dropped me and Camille off at the grocery store and took the other kids to move a truck at the shop so no one would steal our new trailer full of wood for the new fence.

8-12-10 Thursday

I made funny photos of Camille. (They will appear on this blog...eventually)

Silas fell asleep wondering something...

Today was my Granny's birthday. We went to her house for cake and chocolate covered strawberries. I had only strawberries. All my girls were in pink and so was Granny so we took this photo.

8-13-10 Friday

Today the kids and I went to the birth center here in Sherman where my midwife works for a photo shoot. Mostly I sat and talked with another new mommy of a 5 week old baby boy who they thought was a girl before he came out while Silas impressed us with his forward rolls and Cecily showed off her whining skills. Then after everything was all staged we sat where they told us and they snapped a few photos for their website and some brochures. Cecily was excited of the possibility that she may be on the Internet and so journaled about it at school time. I guess she doesn't realize that she already is on the Internet. See?

Things took a little longer at the birth center than expected so they fixed us a snack and we threw around ideas for bumper stickers for midwives while we snacked. "Midwives help people out" is one they already have on their cars. I think it's pretty funny. And recently I saw a maternity shirt that said "Good things come to those who mate" I got a giggle out of that one and thought it might make a good bumper sticker.

Shiloh and I scored a sitter tonight and had big plans to go furniture shopping. We didn't realize the furniture store closed at 6 so we went to Cheddars and had salads instead. I noticed that when Shiloh carried Camille in her car seat her head bobbed around a bit so we went to Target to get a head support to,you know, de-bob her head. They didn't have a great one so we came home and watched the 4400.

8-14-10 Saturday

Because of our not so successful furniture shopping trip on Friday Shiloh's mom agreed to come and keep the big kids while we tried again. Furniture shopping is a huge job. We looked and looked and got really hungry so we went to take a break at Chipotle but we reassured our salesman that we would come back. I'm not sure he believed us. We talked about the furniture possibilities and went back to make our purchase. In all our ten years together we've never had a real comfy couch so we bought two to make up for it. Also because that's what we wanted. :) We also have our eye on three matching beds for the girls.

8-15-10 Sunday

Today we took Camille to her first church service. She stayed awake the whole service just looking around. I think that is a record awake time for her so far. I decorated her up fancy in one of her new flower headbands and still one sister asked "Is that a girl?" :) Another sweet lady held her while I ate. I thanked her and she said "That's OK it got me out of dish duty" I told her we would be back next week if she didn't want to wash dishes again.

8-16-10 Monday clue.

8-17-10 Tuesday

My sister came with her kids to play this morning. After they left it rained so the kids put on their bathing suites and got to play outside for the first time in a very long time. They made mud and "washed" my van. Then they rinsed it off and it did look cleaner. They had Karate so I had them come in and shower. They made it to class but they all had dripping wet hair. As soon as we came home Cecily and Silas went back out to play in the water and I took Clara and Camille to the grocery store.

8-18-10 Wednesday

We had another play date today with a family from church. Then we went to Braums for ice cream. Cecily got orange sherbet Clara chose peppermint and Silas had tractor kind (green). Shiloh and I had fruit cups. Not "fruit cups" (banana splits) but actual cups, you know with fruit in them.

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CAB said...

Looks like y'all are doing great - and kudos to you w/all that healthy eating - I'm taking notes :)