Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Weekly Remnants

Hello all! Yes, it's me revisiting my poor neglected blog. I just got Internet at my house again and wanted to start things up again. I hope to do some in between blog posts but defiantly am making it a priority to do my weekly remnants because I like going back and remembering little things about each day. So let's just dive right in.

7/20/2011 Wednesday

I took Cecily and Clara to karate today while the littles napped at Granny's. I took advantage of the time and went thrift store shopping. I found a few great deals! My favorite was a large cabinet that has Cecily written all over it. I have a "wardrobe" redo theme in mind that is right up her Chronicles of Narnia lovin' alley.

After Shiloh got off work we met up at Claire's with our friend John to get Cecily's ears pierced. It's been 14 months since we did this with Clara and she decided it was time to give it a go. While walking in Clara turned around and walked backward a few steps and said with a gigantic smile "My heart is beating hard I am just so proud of Cecily!" She's a sweet girl. Even if her middle child syndrome gets the best of her almost daily. Cecily was so brave. She was nervous but went through with it. She went in with the intention of getting an orange stone which was perfect since November's birth stone is just that but she gave into her red loving self and chose a deep cherry red colored one instead.

We left Claire's and headed to our local theater so Cecily could audition for the upcoming production but she got cold feet and we left. I think she just needs more prep time. Who knows I might audition with her the next time around. I think it would be a blast.

Cecily painted a great picture of her "big eyed" tiger.

Went on a really silly penguin walk with Clara,Silas,Blake,Abbie,and John.When we came home I told Clara to go in and drink some water she responded "I know I'm so starvin' hot!!" Thirsty,I think she meant. :)

Every day I'm reminded how great my kiddos are and I'm entitled to that opinion.

7/21/11 Thursday

Today I took the kids to a birthday party where the candy machine had a hiccough and let the kids take unlimited turns. Which reminds me I need to call and make a dentist appointment soon. We brought the guest of honor and her little sister home to play for a bit after. We had to they have BFF necklaces.

While walking through the mall Silas was lagging behind and Clara turned around and said "Come. On. Si-las." Then looking at me she said with her palms in the air "He is like an inch behind!" I laughed and showed her with my fingers "Clara this is an inch." "Oh" Then quietly "He's like a mile then..."

I went for a regular walk tonight. Right after we put the kids and the chickens to bed.

7/22/11 Friday
Ran a generic errand today with the kiddos. Got coffee. Went across the street to J and M's house to type a paper for J for school. Camille napped while I did this. The bigger kids watched movies,snacked and drew while I typed and J studied.

Gassed up the van. *blech* Worked out with Abbie,Blake and John. We met Aurthur and Hopson while snacking on Chipotle. Funny stuff.

Millie got her eighth tooth at some point. Now if only we had some hair to go with that. :)

7/23/11 Saturday

Preparing for Camille's first birthday tomorrow. Making decorations and food. Cleaning house. Printing photos. Hoping to have enough time to make a smilebox of her first year.

7/24/11 Sunday

Smilebox created! Spent the day doing last minute things for the party. I would say the party was a success! Everything turned our really cute! The cake and pie were delicious. Camille was happy and Abbie took lots of photos. Thanks Abbie! I had video camera failure but I got some on my phone. Can't wait to spend her birthday money for her. ;)

7/25/11 Monday

Birthday money spent! Camille now has a big girl car seat. I know *bor-ing* but it was the most needed thing right now.

We skipped karate today because the kids were swimming in the back yard. We will go to a make up class on Thursday.

We got chickens in the spring and had determined to keep only hens should any of them grow into great mean roosters. We ended up having one rooster that is about as big as a kitten but does a great job of protecting the hens and is content to be hauled around by Silas. We decided he could stay. Today we heard one of our "hens" crow. So I guess we have two roosters. Not sure yet if the second one will stay. He is a bigger breed.

Shiloh went back to work tonight so M,J,and I watched some of the series we recently started. Friends across the street are fun!

7/26/11 Tuesday

We played hookey from school today. The day was a bit cooler and the kids were able to play outside some. I cleaned out my van so I could install Millie's new seat. I didn't like the way it sat (not much reclining) so I packed it back up and listed it on Craigslist.

Went on a 2.7m walk with M,J,and A. We talked about a new training schedule. We are getting ready to run a 15k. Sounds daunting.

7/28/11 Wednesday

The girls opened a painting studio behind the library chairs and painted about a million pictures for me and sold them for coins. Any kind.

Pretty basic day. I took the kids to karate and actually went in to watch cause the littles didn't fall asleep in their seats on the way there. The girls are improving nicely.

Met with some friends in the evening. Had some slightly deeper than normal conversations.

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