Saturday, July 30, 2011

Weekly Remnants

7/28/11 Thursday

The kids and I went to Granny and Papaw's house for our weekly visit. Camille practiced her walking by walking behind a tiny doll stroller. It's too hot to ride bikes outside so the kids did some school and watched cartoons. I went to a thrift store during nap time and found a straw cowboy hat. I need it for my party tomorrow.

7/29/11 Friday

Today was spent running errands,cleaning,and making food for mine and John's party tonight. We both recently had birthdays and decided to combine our parties. We decided to have a video scavenger hunt and have all the guests come dressed up in costume/or any thrift store apparel. It was fun. Chicken Express doesn't have a spaghetti basket? Good times.

7/30/11 Saturday

Shiloh took Cecily and Silas to the shop today to finish fixing his truck. I stayed with the other girls here at home and cleaned and napped with them. We all ate at Chedders for dinner.

7/31/11 Sunday

I went to Tuesday Morning this afternoon (I know and on a Sunday no less...) with my sister and found some cute storage boxes I really want to go back and get. We shopped around for cell services and then headed home.

We revisited Aurthur and Hopson.

8/1/11 Monday

Pretty normal day here at home. Went thrifting for a bit during karate and the lady gave us two Kewpie babies and one smaller doll for all the girls. Silas got a little toy too. Cecily was upset when I gave her her doll. We have a rule that if you bring in something to the house you have to put something else in the Goodwill box. She argued that since she didn't ask for the doll she shouldn't have to give up something of hers. I told her I would put something of mine in the donate box. Clara said "For me too." Of course,Clara,you too.

This afternoon Camille took a step and a half from my knees to the chair where I sat. She will be walking soon. Then she closed herself in the library and rolled her ball under the door. It rolled back to her. She sat there a while and played ball with herself.

Yoga tonight. "It's a whole new back..."

8/2/11 Tuesday

Today we saw the ninth of ten summer movies for kids at the theater with Missy and her niece Lily. It was open season 3. We went and ate at Chick-fil-a after and went swimming after that. Camille had fun splashing around and was eager to put her whole face in again and again until I figured out she was taking little sips and gave her her sippy cup. I looked into the water next to me at one point and saw Silas swimming under water so gracefully. Big huge arm strokes nice and slow inching closer and closer to the steps. I said to myself "Look how big he is just swimming around,wait Silas? Silas doesn't swim..." and then louder you know to my self "Silas doesn't Swim!!" finally I listened to myself and reached out and pushed him to the steps and helped him up. He was a little upset saying he was scared but he recovered quickly and was fine until the wasp stung his leg.... He really is a beautiful swimmer.

I ran tonight for the first time in a few weeks. I have been walking because I re-injured my legs while training for speed. They felt great and held out just fine during our scorching hot four mile jaunt. I'm icing them now....


8/3/11 Wednesday

Karate again today. It's too hot to sit in the van so we went thrifting again. I was inspired by a friend who made a neck tie skirt to give it a whirl. I don't think I would wear a skirt so I'm going to do a purse instead. I found super cheap ties.

It's hot and it's hot. Let's go fall,stop beating around the bush.

Clara left me this message on my computer today: ilufmomsomuch (I think it's cute she doesn't know about the space bar yet)

Cecily left me this one:is it luth frum cecily i love yuo ("Is it lunch? From Cecily I love you") Those dang confusing vowel teams.

I love that they are composing their own messages now.

8/4/11 Thursday

Granny's day. Had a good time. I'm bringing lunch next time. Poor Granny goes all out and it's great but such a lot of dishes to clean. I'm bringing paper plates too.

Cecily received a letter from her pen pal from Harmony Hill today. It was a stick figure drawing of her and her two friends she spent a lot of time with. One of them with sad faces and another with happy faces. It read "I miss you too."

She wrote back right away and said "I can't wait until we meet again."

She is getting so big.

Nice 3 mile run tonight. Thanks to Z for all the core strengthening exercises.

8/5/11 Friday

I stayed at home with Camille today. We were sick and needed to catch up on lost sleep from the night before. My sister took the big kids all day. I watched a movie in the middle of the day. Odd. She seems to be feeling better now and is sleeping in her own bed.


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