Tuesday, April 13, 2010


How to set up and run a successful lemonade stand.

Step one:Go to the store and get supplies. We got lemonade,napkins,supplies to make the sign,water bottles and glow sticks. At home we already had popsicles and ice.

We also got these pinwheels to draw attention to ourselves from the street.

Step two:Make the lemonade so it can start getting cold in the fridge. We each poured in some lemonade mixture and then we stirred and stirred. Silas might have dipped in his finger for a quick taste. Mommy said it was OK that it was bound to happen and it wouldn't hurt anything because we all washed our hands.

Step three:Wait until Silas is napping and then get our all the sign making supplies. We also made hats so we would look like real "sellers".

Step four:Take everything outside and set it up just in time for school to let out so we could catch the "customers" walking home from school. Our little table fit perfectly in the shade of our family Bradford pear tree. It was nice because it was our only shade in the whole front yard. Daddy planted this tree when I was born and we became a family of three. It's grown a lot and so has our family.

Mommy put up messages on facebook and blogger and she texted our friends to tell them to stop by. Lots of our friends came!

We poured and poured. Lots of people bought popsicles too but everyone loved the glowsticks. We sold everything for one quarter each.

When buisness was slow we hung out with these girls from the neighborhood and played duck duck goose.

At the end of the day when we were so tired we convinced these customers to give us a wagon ride. Don't worry they are friends of Mommy and Daddy.

We had a lot of fun and earned over $25.00 to donate here. Everyday we ask Mommy if we can set up another stand and when she says no I put on my pouty voice and say "But Mommy, I want to earn money to donate to the children!" She dosen't change her mind though.

By Cecily (wink)

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CAB said...

Super cute - too bad we missed it! Looks like y'all had a lot of fun and sooo nice to have the shade!