Monday, July 13, 2009

Reepicheep Has a Tail!

Yesterday we finally finished reading Prince Caspian. We put it in the book bag and forgot about it for a few weeks. Yesterday we read the last chapter after church and then watched the movie.

Cecily was glued.

During the battle Reepicheep (the honorable mouse) gets his tail cut off and Aslan restores it to him. Cecily loved that part in the book and when she saw it in the movie she had to rewind it to see it grow again.

Here they are enjoying a snack of ice cream with the movie. They can hardly look away long enough to eat it.

She was sad that the movie did not include the part where the children took meat from the bear that DLF shot to save Lucy and carry it until they cooked it for dinner.

But overall she decided "I liked it but I liked the first one better 'cause Lucy had cuter clothes"

Silas woke up from his nap and had more interest in helping Daddy build a shelf than in the movie. Shiloh gave him a snack of Nutella on gram cracker. He loved it! He really looks like Shiloh in these pics.

It was a nice Sunday. We are back on the organizing our house track and I will share soon what we have been up to.

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