Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekly Remnants

Monday August,24 2009
Today I went to class as usual while Shiloh kept the kids at the shop. When I returned to the shop Blake had the kids upstairs. I noticed a smell and went to check the dishes,trash etc... there was nothing smelly and that's when I noticed a mouse trap in the sink. I found out that Silas had found it and it got his finger and that reminded me to check the other trap I had set. Yup, you guessed it, the source of the smell. Gag. I had Shiloh get it our for me and somehow knowing what was causing the smell made it unbearable so I loaded up the kids and decided to spend the day at home.

Abbie came over and I did laundry and dishes. Abbie and I talked until Blake came and got her.

I made some yummy raw foods for supper. Guacamole stuffed inside tomatoes and with celery sticks for dipping. Brushetta for my flax seed crackers

and also something I just made up which consisted of cubed cucumber,slivered red onion and seasoned with vinegar,salt and lime juice. It was really good.

Now Shiloh and I are going to watch 17 Again after he finishes putting the girls to bed. I did Silas tonight and he wanted to skip all the rocking nonsense and go straight to bed. A breeze.

Tuesday August 25, 2009

Today the kids and I had a stay at home kind of a day. These are very rare and I like it that way.

I walked out onto the porch at about 8:30 and noticed it was still cool out so I wasted no time in getting everyone dressed and into the van. I loaded frozen caprisun pouches and sweet tea (for me) to take with us in the event that it warmed up before we were done playing. It did. The kids played while I brushed up on my touring Oregon know how.

They drank their pouches and my tea and we left around 11:00
We drove to Chick-fil-a for some nuggets and ended up staying to play as well.

While in his highchair Silas said "Eat chicken peas!" (Please) His first sentence. This is an improvement over the high pitched scream he has become accustomed to.
Silas fell asleep on our way home and this is his chubby little face before I took him out of his carseat.

We came after closing time to the shop and helped with a little landscaping. Cecily worked for an hour (which is why she looked like this)

to catch a leopard frog

and even now at 9:00 the girls are still torturing playing with it.

Wednesday August 26,2009

Today I went to class as usual. After class I took the kids swimming at Abbie's. We swam until everyone needed a nap and I headed back to the shop. I read while the kids napped and then I took Clara and Silas back to Abbie's to help get dinner ready. Cecily stayed with Shiloh and he took her to her Karate class. Then we all had dinner at Blake and Abbie's house. I love Feta (not the cheese). After we ate the guys took the kids back to the pool and Abbie and I rearranged her furniture.

Thursday August 27, 2009

Today while opening the sun-dried apricots Clara asks "Mommy,can I have a paper-cut?" In only one short month from today Miss Clara will turn four years old. Oh my time is flying. It seems not that long ago we were celebrating Miss Cecily's four years with a Spiderman party.

Friday August 29, 2009

Today I went to class in the a.m. then to the shop to pick up the kids. I took them to the grocery store to pick up the remaining ingredients in all the food I had to prepare for this evening. We also went by the courthouse to get new tags for my van. We came home and I put everyone down for naps. I made cupcakes and then read while they cooled. Just as I was done icing them Clara comes in and decorates her half of them. When she is finished Cecily comes in and does the same. When they were done we make play dough in the Vita Mix.

The Vita Mix is very loud and so we carried out of the kitchen and into the library to mix so we wouldn't wake up Silas. It mixed for 5 minutes and when I turned it off I discovered we had woken him up anyway. I put the food coloring into the center of the play dough and let the girls mix it while I made Guacamole, brushetta and potato salad.

We went to a back to school bash at the Karate school where I took the potato salad and hamburger fixings. We ate and visited and watched the girls play in the water. We left there and went to Blake and Abbie's for a house warming. Here I took the guacamole and the brushetta. We visited and played games but everyone knew the real fun wouldn't start until we went island tagging. :)What's that you've never heard of island tag? Well, I hate to leave you in suspense but this game deserves a proper post all of it's own.

I got to sleep at around 2:00 a.m.

Saturday August 29, 2009

I woke up this morning around 10:00 a.m. only to discover an empty house. Here I sit blogging at 4:23 and still no sign of my family. They are at the shop preparing my van for our trip to Lubbock on Sunday. I did laundry and dishes. I packed. I'm making dinner of black beans, rice and boiled eggs. I finished my Abbie's book and am missing Hadassah. Time to start on number two.

Sunday August 30, 2009

Today we went to church as always and had a nice lunch of sandwiches afterward. Shiloh brought me home and I finished packing for our trip to Lubbock. He took the kids to the shop and I napped. When I woke up Shiloh brought the kids back home and we fed them and bathed them and loaded them up into the van. Blake brought Abbie and we (us girls) left town about 6:30. We drove to Chick-fil-a for some sweet tea and remembered after we got there they are closed on Sundays. We opted for Sonic instead. On the road Silas and Clara fell asleep right away as planned. Cecily had a harder time and about two hours in I glanced in the rear view mirror and saw she was crying and holding up her hand. I thought she had bitten her finger. I turned down the music and realized she was saying "I pulled my tooth" Now here we have a predicament. She was bleeding and I had to stop but in doing so Silas was bound to wake up and feel as if he had a catnap and stay awake the entire rest of the way. Since I couldn't find any way out of it we pulled over. I gave her some wipes took a quick picture

and quickly started to drive again. Silas and Clara both woke up but Silas went back to sleep. Amazing!
A little while later Cecily needed to stop for a bathroom break. We were exactly halfway so we stopped in our usual spot. Again Silas woke up and I got him out to stretch he laid on my shoulder and pointed at an eighteen wheeler in the same parking lot. When I loaded him back up he again went back to sleep! Amazing-er! The girls both fell asleep too and it was peaceful the rest of the way. We made it in six hours but it went by really fast. I dropped Abbie off at her parent's house and I made my way to mine. The girls went right to bed when we arrived but Silas was pumped about watching PBS. I was up with him till three! Yeesh.

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