Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I Don't Really Like Sleep Anyway...

I never really know what to say when people ask me if we are going to have any more children. I don't think I could plan a specific number in my head and then after attaining that number of children like magic I would say "Now I'm sure I never want to have another baby...ever" So lately I've decided to plan somewhat and think a little about I would like to do in the near future. Well Shiloh and I have our ten year anniversary coming up and I think it would be nice to take a vacation together. Feeling that the kids would be old enough to ration out to family members for about a week or so it seemed our trip would be unstoppable. I wouldn't be pregnant. I wouldn't have to worry about a nursing baby. We already have plane tickets for a trip anytime. All we need to wait on was the date. October 2010. Or so I thought. I was enjoying my 'break' and recently have told several people that I would like to remain in that break until Silas was about five or so. Then I would have twins. Naturally. As if I could plan such a thing. That somehow saving up for five years would guarantee me a nice little set of twins. I'm realizing as I type that I am a planner. I just have extreme plans that seem impossible to stick with. Well here is reality. BREAK IS OVER. Yep I'm pregnant and with another July baby. Which is a month in our family that is supposed to be umm off limits.
Finding out two of the people are pregnant that I am always pregnant with and me thinking about how I wasn't just didn't last very long. But I like it this way. Enjoying my physically able tom boy body my all night sleeping my staying out for more than two hours at a time isn't something I can just say "enough already" about. It has to sneak up on me and I have to let it sink in. Between the middle of the night bathroom breaks and the middle of the night nursing it may very well be two years before I ever sleep through the night again. And our trip. Somehow now thinking of taking a two month old who could sleep anywhere anytime on an anniversary trip does still seem like a vacation after all. Now about that goal of fitting into my wedding dress on our ten year me do it.


Abbie said...

you tagged this post with the wrong title! ;) it should be "baby number 4 (& 5?)"
if you dont believe it its just not going to happen! lol ;) ttyl

CAB said...

Hmm, is there a suspicion of twins or a desire? :) I wanted twins too, never got 'em! Do twins run in your family? My grandmother was a twin...I'd hoped I might have a set...or two! Sure would've been nice to only go through childbirth...3 times to have our 5 :) but that's ok, we have 5 wonderful blessings and it all went how it should've! How far along are you now?