Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Feeling Crafty

I have an itch. Well actually I have two itches. One is to plan a trip to Disney World. Bumping it up from our planned fall vacation to a winter one. That way we don't have a tiny baby to tote along. Whenever I think of vacations I think of clothing. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity for memories and photos and I want clothes that are timeless and look great. So I headed over to etsy to look at some things I have seen there before and became inspired to try to do it myself. I looked at peasant dresses,pillowcase dresses,tutus,bloomers,and bubble skirts. I found some great deals on pillowcase dresses and will most likely be ordering some of those but I thought the pillowcase dresses and tutus look do-able. So now I really want to visit the fabric store and look at patterns. And I know of a few ladies who may be able to help me through first couple of projects. So what do you think? Has anyone attempted any of these things?

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CAB said...

I used to make bloomers for my older girls - their last pairs died in the crayon incident of '09...don't ask. I haven't made them any since and "sniff sniff" I think they may be too old for them now - boooo hooooooooooo - ok, I'll get it together. The pillowcase dresses...I've considered making, but couldn't bring myself to chop up the only "vintage" pillowcase I have that was my grandma's and let's face it, I just don't get out those antique shops and stuff with my crazy bunch! So, anyway, does that answer your's late, I'm tired...I might've digressed....again.