Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Bright Side of Vomiting (a post without photos)

Update: I know my links are not working but I'm not sure why. Just go to Feb. 09 and read Vomiting in Public and it's the same thing.

I know what you're thinking but there is a bright side stay with me.

Last year for about four months everyone in our house experienced what we now refer to as phantom vomiting. One to three times a week someone would vomit. There didn't and still doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason for this. No one had any symptoms of any kind. One minute happily playing children the next minute someone is screaming for the bowl.

It happened so much I started to log it on my calendar to see if I could pin down the cause. After logging it for a few weeks I noticed that it happened mostly (but was not limited to) Sundays. Also mostly (but not limited to) nights. Not middle of the night but right around bedtime. Shiloh and I each only experienced it once so it was mostly (but not limited to) the children as well.

Once right around bedtime we went to a basketball game and this happened.

I learned to listen for the certain cry that the kids would make right before they vomited. As as mom you develop an ear to distinguish a hurt cry from a mad one and a hungry cry from a tired one. And now I can hear the I'm about to vomit cry.

Which brings us to the bright side. Today after story time we went to chick-fil-a to eat with my sister and her two youngest children. When Silas started to make that cry I wrapped him up in his blanket and bolted for the door. We made it to the van before he vomited on his blanket. Vomiting in public isn't fun for anyone. Just ask the people who were here.

So what can you find the bright side in?

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CAB said...

Hmm, I'll think about the bright side. I couldn't get either of your "here" links to work...

Sorry to hear it's "that" kind of sick - ugh - I dread that type of sickness ever coming into our realm - just imagine....5 children vomiting - uggggggggggh. Last time we had that go through the family we were out of town at my parents' house and it hit at bedtime. I was expecting Miss Baby - CKB, bless his heart, dealt w/all the vomiting all night long...then it hit him too....he never woke me up. I might have to put him up for sainthood. :) Get better little guy!