Thursday, January 7, 2010

Disney World

I am creating this post to help myself in all the planning but I thought if I'm learning all these tips and tricks to traveling to Disney World then I may as well share and inspire someone else to visit as well. So here is a random list of things I've learned and also how we are doing it.

1-Shiloh has a credit card through southwest airlines for the buisness and we earn free roundtrip airfare anywhere southwest goes. We haven't taken a flying trip for about three years and have earned enough tickets for our whole family to fly to Orlando.

2-I have a credit card that earns disney reward dollars on every purchase we make. I use it to pay all household bills and we have been earning rewards for about 6 years.

3-I visited WDW with my family when I was younger and have one day left on my ticket that never expires. Now I just have to dig it up and we will get discount for at
least me!

4-Silas is two and dosen't require tickets until he turns three. Free is a great discount.

5-The girls are both under ten and get discounted childrens tickets.

6-Right now (for all of 2010) Disney is offering Give a Day Get a Day. You register online and volunteer one day in your community and get one free day at DW. This would apply to Shiloh,me and Cecily since you must be six to qualify.

7-Another special offer is to book a 6 day 5 night stay at a moderate disney resort and you get a $500.00 dollar gift card to spend on anything Disney you like. I am looking into using it to buy a meal plan and/or snacks,attractions that cost extra,and goodies to bring home.

We would like to

1-Take our own stroller to help in the airport. I have read lots of people say the strollers the parks rent out are uncomfortable and not suitable for napping. It also costs about $15.00 a day and it just seems unesecarry. If you would like to rent from an independant company this one seems good

2-The above stroller rental company also rents out Big Leap GPS Child Safety Rental which is a small device that you pin inside your childs pocket and if they become seperated from you for any reason you use your cell phone to call the company and they immediatly guide you to your child.

3-If you stay at a WDW resort all transportaion to and from the airport is included. They will even get your luggage and bring it so you don't have to wait. I don't know if we will opt for the luggage thing but the other allows us to save money by not renting a car. Also included is transportation to all disney theme parks allowing us to save on parking as well.

4-Because we won't be renting a car but will have a full kitchen in our cabin I have found two ways to get around not being able to get to the grocery store. If you are a member of Costco you can arrange to have things delived right to your room. Such as water bottles and snacks. Or you can shop online here and they also deliver right to your room.

5-With the access to outside food and drinks we can now save on dining and bring in our own food. As long as your cooler meets required sizes and dosen't roll they allow it. If one small cooler isn't enough each adult can carry one and that doubles the amount of food for the day.

6-If you have a baby or a child who dosen't want to ride a specific ride one parent can go with the remaining children and the without another wait the parents get to switch allowing the other one to go.

7-Just like Six Flags Disney World has fast pass but unlike Six Flags at DW it's free! You just swipe your ticket and come back and the appointed time. Freeing up time to do other things.

8-tie a dirty diaper bag from the handle of your stroller to keep thieves away

9-buy and bring along disney themed toys to give you kids each day and save money

10-staples will deliver water to your room

11-bring ponchos,bandaids

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