Sunday, March 8, 2009

To Do List

Here is what I hope to accomplish this week...
Monday-Karate in the A.M. then to the shop to hopefully have a small lesson on reupholstering a chair. Then during nap time on the computer to book airline tickets to MO for a family vacation starting on Sunday, fix my paypal account so I can pay for the things I've bought on ebay. Karate in the P.M. To the stores after bed to redeem my coupons for the things also on sale so I can get amazing deals! Also to find really entertaining things for a 16 month old to do on an airplane. (Insert comments here about fun amazing things to do with your 16 month old in flight.)
Tuesday-Stay at home to wash all laundry and pack all the cute things for the family vacation starting on Sunday. Clean in between. After bed more trip planning. Wear only our tacky clothes the rest of the week.
Wednesday-Karate in the A.M. then to the shop to clean the play area in hopes of recovering three out of four of the girls lost black shoes. (I know where one is...I think) So I don't have to unpack all the black clothes for the family vacation starting on Sunday.
Thursday-Play date at Burger King with the Kirkpatricks in the A.M. Mini nap for the girls on the drive to the shop after,Long nap for Silas at the shop while I take the girls to Gymnastics in the afternoon. Coke from Sonic with my free drink coupon (cause I took the survey that was entirely too long to earn one drink,but I'd probably do it again cause I love free!)O.J. for the girls. Up late on the computer planning the driving itinerary for the family vacation starting on Sunday
Friday-Karate in the A.M. To the shop. More trip planning, hopefully book koa cabins to stay in. Call and ask Kandice about borrowing her sit and stand stroller. Pick it up. Home. More packing and gathering for the family vacation starting on Sunday. To bed early.
Saturday- Belt testing all morning at Karate. Home. Load up the car for the family vacation starting on Sunday. Hopefully sale one thing on Craigslist.
Sunday- Well,you know....


CAB said...

Good grief - sleep sometime in there, ok? Our days are crazy, but a different kind of crazy :)

Abbie said...

wow, sounds like you are going to be keeping busy! hope ya'll have a great trip! I haven't entered that contest yet, it's at the end of this month. I was thinking about entering the picture of the dragon fly caught in mid-air carrying a leaf ;)) I know that one is pretty much your favorite lol.