Tuesday, February 3, 2009

January is gone!

I don't know how, but I keep hitting a button and publishing my posts before I am done. So any way...

Did January go as quickly for any of you as it did for me? Before it was over I meant to write about my other new year resoulution, but it got away from me and so here it is February and I'm just now sharing it. Oh well, better late than never.

So this year I decided I wanted to get into shape...big surprise right? Isn't that a goal for like 87% of people every new year? But I'm the kind of person that needs a fresh start and the new year is that. I know you have all heard the same things as me-dieting dosen't work you have to make a lifestyle change. And I believe this is true so for this year I'm going to make one lifestyle change per month and see what happens at the end of the year.

January I decided to cut out all obvious sweets. Cany, cookies, cake...ect. We were in a really bad habbit of having these things on an almost daily basis after the children were in bed and we would sit down to watch a movie. I don't like to give these things to the children and I was feeling like a hypocrite telling them no because its not healthy for your body and then doing it to myself anyway. We use to have a rule that if we were going to indulge then we had to share with Cecily-she was our only one then- and it kept us from having too much because we didn't want her to pick on bad food choices. I think I might reinstate this little rule. Any how I didn't say no sugar because I still have eleven months to change things but just no sweets.

The first week or so I really wanted chocolate but I did not indulge. About twenty days in I had access to a scale and when I weighed I was pleasantly surprised to find I had lost seven pounds. I hadn't noticed my clothes fitting differently or anything so it was very motivating. I finished out January strong (except for those three pink m&m's I couldn't pass up because I never have had pink ones and maybe they tasted different? :) ) and now we come to February.

This month I have decided to become carb conscious. Not crazy strict like no high carb veggies and fruits but the obvious ones like junk food things. Chips, crackers, fried foods, white bread pasta and rice, popcorn. Cutting out all carbs in the past is how I always lost my baby weight but I wanted to do something new this time. I should also mention I work out three mornings a week for about 75 minutes. I'm not a great self motivator so Shiloh did (and is still doing) the January thing with me but I can't ask him to give up everything, he would waste away with his crazy fast metabolism. But I think the 7 pounds will keep me going. Does anyone want to play along? Its never too late to change.

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CAB said...

Goodness - I've been meaning to tell you how great you look post baby! I can't imagine you NEED to lose any more weight - I was going to ask what your secret was :) All that kick boxing? 75 mn. a day??? Eek - I can't imagine exercising so long even one day a week...but if it is working, I might look into it in a few weeks. Right now, I'll stick to eating whatever I want for awhile and hope nursing will get me down to the "only 10 lbs. left to lose" point like it normally does - THEN I'll have to get serious!