Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sign Language

For Silas' last birthday his Grandmommy and Grandad gave him money for books. Recently I went shopping on Amazon for his presents and after purchasing the books I had in mind for him I had some money left over and I decided to get him two Baby Signing Time Videos. I had heard about these videos from several people and I know they come (came?) on PBS on Sunday mornings but I had never seen them. Taking a chance I ordered the first two in the set. When the girls were small we taught them a few signs so that by the time they were about a year old they could tell us what they wanted pretty easily. Silas is 15 months old and he would only sign 'all done'. So after we got this in the mail and they watched it a few times he is signing a lot! Here is a list of signs he has learned from these two videos.
Thank You
And he uses them correctly to ask for what he wants. Cecily watched them about two times and has memorized almost all the signs to the point where she is ready for some more videos. Clara loves them and asks for them everyday. She sings along and does all the signs. They are great!

I have a little story about Clara...

One of the guys who work for us taught Cecliy what she calls Knuckle Fist, you know the things where you touch fists together instead of shaking hands. Now when she gets excited about something like if I tell her we can go to Chick-fill-a to play she'll say in a high squeaky voice "All right! Clara, give me a knuckle fist!" then they touch fists. So one day as we were getting ready to go out I told Clara, who had just finished watching Baby Signing Time, to "Please go and put on your..." and then I did the sign for shoes which is you make two fists and knock them together where your pointers would be next to each other. Like your holding a pair of shoes and knocking them together. And she immediately said "knuckle fist-es!" and hopped out of her chair to get some. I was laughing as I explained no go get your shoes. :) She is such a silly girl!

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