Sunday, January 25, 2009

Adventures in Weaning part 2

I'm not sure I have made any progress since those first four days. I'm beginning to wonder if maybe we should've tried 'cold turkey', as in quitting. Is it possible to continue nursing during the day and teach a little one to sleep through the night? After all Silas is almost 15 months old and has never slept all the way through one night. I wouldn't even mind nursing during the night if it was maybe twice, two times seems reasonable to me. But he will wake up 4 or 5 times each night and is not satisfied with anything but me. If Shiloh goes to him he throws a fit! It has been this way with all of my babies but he refuses a pacifier which made this easier the first two times around. I'm sure super nanny would tell us he is predicting our behaviour and we need to take charge. I'm beginning to think the only way is the crying method, you know unplug the monitor. I've never done this and I would never do it to a small baby but I wonder if he is old enough to figure out to just put himself back to sleep. Does he need nourishment in the night. Is he actually younger than he seems to me? Hmmmm I don't know what to do but for tonight I can't listen to the crying anymore so off I go upstairs for the first time. Any advice is appreciated! Maybe I should contact La Leche League do they offer support for stopping or just starting?

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CAB said...

Oh I wish we'd talked about this Sunday - I'd be happy to share our experience w/each of ours. I can't imagine having a child who still wakes to nurse at 15 mos. - I'd go insane, I think.

Call me, ok?