Friday, January 9, 2009

A Little Change for the New Year

The past couple of years we have made changes at the beginning of each new year and stuck with them either for that year or permanently. This year we've decided this is a good year for organization. Our house,our cars, our garage, our yard, and our business are all in for a good spring cleaning. Only its going to last all year (that's how much stuff we have to go through). I like to organize and because I think its fun, I'm bringing anyone who wants to read, along for the journey. Here are the rules:

1 We can not bring anything unnecessary into the house, garage ect... until everything is gone through. So shopping only for the necessities or pre-agreed upon items.

Hmmm I guess that's the only rule so I guess I'll tell you what my plans are.
I'm really into ebay and craigs list so I'll go through one type of item at a time and decide what to keep what to sell and what to donate or give away. Then I will take the remaining items and give them a permanent organized home. Oh, I just thought of another rule.

2 Any money that comes from selling unneeded items will be saved up for one year and at the end of the year we will decide on one big thing to spend it on that either helps us stay clutter free or will be a permanent change. (Like a bed for us, all we've had up to this point is a frame with mattresses. Or shelves for the girls room would be nice)

I think by the end of the first six months we should be cardboard box free. So we might dedicate the remaining months to repairs on the house. Last night I counted up the light bulbs in the upstairs and there are 22 total, out of those 8 need to be replaced. Down stairs there are 25 and at least 10 of those need to be changed out as well. When I mentioned this to Shiloh he said we should look into getting l.e.d. bulbs because they are said to last 50 years and that would be a permanent change. Sounds expensive but I got a head start in December with some sales on ebay and maybe the first bit of money should go to light bulbs. Hmmm sounds like I have some research to do. I'll let you know what we decide to do!

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