Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Toys Toys Toys

Probably the #1 biggest mess maker in our house has to be the toys. So it seemed natural to start with that. We've been spending a lot of time at the shop during the days and now that the days are cold and we are officially opened the children can not run around outside as much as they did before. Too bad because they can keep themselves entertained for hours outside. However the need for toys at the shop came up and we decided to bring them all here. We loaded every last toy (except for the dollhouse and one doll and teddy bear each) into Shiloh's truck and hauled them to the shop. Our four year accumulation of toys filled up the entire back end.
Once at the shop I organized them into boxes and tubs. This still seemed disorderly so I went to target to get these great sterilite containers I had seen, of course they were out so I had to go to walmart (grrrrr) instead. I was able to fit two of them (along with the children) into the van and those two were enough to fit all the toys! I spent one whole day organizing them into the correct drawers then I took pictures of each type of toy and I plan to tape that to the outside of each drawer. This works great because the girls can play with any combination of toys they like and then after a few days of play I have them gather up all the toys and bring them to me and I put them back into the correct drawer. While organizing I did come across some toys that we had outgrown and they sold very well on ebay. Yeah! a few dollars for our something special at the end of the year. I can't figure out how to put a picture in after the text so I will add more photos of this later.

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CAB said...

Yay for organizing - we do this a lot and then chaos reigns again - ah well - we've got about twice as many years worth of toy buildup to conquer so it never ends! The children do the same thing you spoke of and play with things like they've never seen them before when they're all organized again - it's so interesting to watch!

You need to do a post on your craigslist/ebay (not sure you used the word addiction, but whatever it is) and share some tips if you're a seller :) I have sold some things on ebay in the past, but need to get rid of a whole lot more around here! Not sure when it'll happen though w/pending baby and all! Glad to see you in blog-land!