Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Random Thoughts

The toys seem to be in pretty good order I'm just debating the best way to organize the tiny pieces. Yes, we have moved into that stage with the girls. Last Friday when going on our date Clara declared she wanted to go too and Shiloh told her that she would have her turn soon but maybe there would be a surprise waiting for her the next day. After eating out and rushing to the movie there was no time for surprise shopping so the next day I was out and I stopped into Claire's. They had on clearance for $3.75 those Disney princesses with the rubber dresses and the shoes that are the size of and orange seed. I picked up three of them and brought them home. I let each of the girls choose their favorite Cecily chose Cinderella and Clara chose Belle. They got them on Saturday afternoon and played with them every waking moment until today (today we came to work and the tiny pieces stay home) They did not even ask to watch a movie which is incredible. I could not have picked a greater surprise. Snow white remains in her packaging waiting to be given as a gift to our niece Leilani for her birthday next month. The girls sometimes ask to hold it and they love to see all her dresses (they come with four each) but they have not opened it. I think this is good for them, a little self control and doing something nice for someone else. We are only missing Belle's yellow shoes and her necklace which is smaller than tiny but I think with a good sweeping they will turn up.

So next on the organizing list is scrapbook supplies. Shiloh bought this great table from someone and it is absolutely perfect for scrap booking/crafting at. I'll put a pic. soon when someone comments on my previous post. Anyway it also holds all my supplies and I'm thinking I will only need one container for all the keepsakes that are waiting to be embellished and glued to 12 by 12 pages. I want to get one just like I got for the toys and I have already planned out what to put into each drawer. Three large drawers, one for each child...perfect. Four smaller for Shiloh and I as a couple (dating through current), one for travel, and one for each of us as a child. I love these containers, sterlite should hire me as a spokesperson. :) The first thing I would do is create more colors but blue is my favorite so I guess I can live without red.

One thing that is important for me to teach the children is to "use what you have" I think in our society we think of things as disposable far to often. If it breaks or goes out of style we just get a new one far too often and I really want to avoid that as often as I can. I was looking at my scrapbook embellishments and thinking it would be fun to do a book that was strictly decorated with things found. Bottle tops, clippings from boxes and magazines, tags from clothing, even old clothing itself. It would look very old fashioned, after all isn't this what they used to do? Then I thought maybe I should make this a rule for all my books. Then I went through all my papers and stickers and such and realized maybe not. Some of my stuff is so darn cute it could positively make me swoon. :) So I think I will stick with the one book idea unless it comes out so cute I change over to that for good. Hmmm we'll see......