Friday, February 27, 2009

Funny things you do

I have a notebook entitled "Today you made me smile" in which I record things the children do or say that make me smile. Or laugh, in most cases. There are not many stories of any one child until they can talk because this is when the most funny things occur. However this morning Silas definitely added a chapter of his own and its just too funny not to share.
For the last three mornings (counting today) Silas has slept through the night. Yes,yes, clapping, gasps, yippees, who hoos, and all that. Now because of these looooong nights of no nursing when Shiloh brings him down to our bed in the morning for some snuggle time while the girls are still asleep he makes this giddy,relieved,laughing sound while he climbs over covers and pillows to get to me signing milk as much as possible in between crawls. Usually he and I stay in bed while Shiloh gets ready for work but this morning I had to wash my hair so I got up early and showered so there would be time for all the drying and straightening before we had to leave the house at 8:30. While I was still showering Shiloh brought Silas down and got back into bed with him and he did all the giggling and all the climbing and then he got to my side of the bed and saw I was missing. Now here you must understand that my side of the bed is up against a wall (because there was an incident when Cecily was a baby and was in our bed one night and we didn't want a repeat situation) At once he sat down baffled and immediately got back on all fours and peered down the crack between the wall and the bed and said, almost in tears "Uh-Oh" His first thought was that I must have fallen into the crack. It makes me laugh even now and I didn't even see it all happen. I'm almost sure the worry in his voice was not because I wasn't there but because he would not be able to nurse. As soon as I came out of the bathroom he did the relieved,laughing sound and crawled quickly to the end of the bed,sat up and frantically signed milk with both hands. He is proving to be as funny as his sisters. :)

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Abbie said...

Aww, that is soo cute!! That's such a sweet idea to write things down like that! I know you/they will always treasure looking back on all those times!