Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Faltering in February

Hmmm the carb thing is actually harder than the sweets thing. I think because carbs are just so dog gone convenient. Lots of days we pack food from the house and take it to the shop and well, can you imagine this?
"Can you pass me a plastic baggie for my umm lettuce"
or this
"I'd like a bean burrito with no tortilla, please"
I know that is no excuse but I can't even think of things to eat. I think I have eaters block. Fruit is not at its best these days. I ate a peach today that tasted like nothing. Then I followed that with a 'chicken nugget shells and cheese' chaser. But I did eat off of a saucer. I'm not trying to starve myself I'm just making a conscious decision to eat healthier, cause I like rolls just not to wear. It interferes with my tomboyishness. (Spell check is not going to like that one) I think I'm going to go google a good carb list for some ideas.

Oh and I liked making the list of quirky things about me so much I'm thinking about making it a weekly feature. Maybe I'll stick to ten. I don't know I might run out of things. I'll try it I guess and see how it goes.

Spell check said to spell it like this tom boyishness but I like it as one word so I'm going to leave it. Who made up the rules anyway? Most phonics rules have so many exceptions that I don't know why English is so universal. I know if it was my second language I would give up before I was fluent.

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CAB said...

:) Hmm, I seem to recall reading somewhere that when shopping at the grocery store - shop the perimeter - once you go into the center, you hit all the processed, pre-fab foods and it's definitely not the healthy stuff. You could become a salad connoisseur (hmm), but somehow I doubt the children would get on board w/that too quickly :) Maybe a better balance is key - I was GD w/my last pregnancy and keeping the balance meant not eating all carbs, all the time - made me think about what I'd been eating, that's for sure! Now, I am not a health nut, mind you, but I do get an occasional guilt attack when I realize the whole lunch the children is eating is bread-y stuff - hmm, I digress...a lot. Happy eating! Carbs are EV-RY-WHERE (think Toy Story when you say that, or read it)