Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Well first of all thanks to all the comments about adding more than one photo and typing in between . Now I've also learned that they upload in the opposite order that you clicked on them. But anyhow I just wanted to let you guys see what I've been doing this week. These first four photos are of our downstairs front office bathroom at the shop. It's been sitting there all pretty and painted for a couple of months now and Saturday I found some prints at Hobby Lobby that I love love love love love(the exact number of loves I must confess to actually buy an item that will be this permanent). Thanks to their 50% off sales I was able to shop around and get everything on sale or clearance.

In this photo the mirror was already purchased and hung soon after the paint dried. The ledges and black and white candle holders are new and bought for 66% off the original price.

Here we have one of the prints that could make me swoon if I stared at it too long and then a decorative thing-a-ma-bob that I couldn't pass up. See the great moldings my Papaw put up for me? Just exactly what I had in mind. Caulking and painting them wasn't the most fun but I think the end result was soooo worth it.

Here is the whole back wall. Want to know how to make stripes like that? Its easy if you don't mind some time consuming measuring and taping off. Its just a clear protective finish that you can buy to put over paintings or faux finishes. It goes on white and dries clear and gives just the right amount of texture to an otherwise plain wall. I would like to mention that the hardwood floors are make from already used nail riddled pieces of wood. Eric pulled out all the nails, sanded them and then Papaw glued and screwed them down then Eric sanded them again and then Shiloh and I stained and finished them. Whew! A lot of work those floors but the wood was free and I love using things instead of trashing them.

Here are the three prints all in a row. This wall is the only complete one out of four.

Here are all the containers that I have emptied so far. I can't believe all this stuff fit into just those three containers I bought!

Silas loves to play with the empty boxes.

See those little fingers giving bunny ears to the large blue box? Cecily was hiding behind the box for the photo shoot and told me later of her "trick".

Well thats the progress for now. I'll let you know when the bathroom is all done.

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