Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I've Been Tagged

I've been tagged by my almost sister-in-law Abbie to write 25 random facts about myself. Let me just say that all the ones I've seen on blogs are only seven facts so I consider this no small feat. Here goes...(in no particular order)

1-I had all three of my children at home with a midwife and I would never consider a hospital for so many reasons. In fact I would rather no midwife than a doctor.

2-I like things that are out of proportion to what they are supposed to be. For example I love my tiny Eiffel tower statue and my huge coffee mug that I use for a vase.

3-I like things that are in places that are not where you would normally find them. For example when I picture the house Shiloh and I are planning to build one day it has a European phone booth in the living room. Picture a bed in a field, a swing in your room,

4-When I was 4 I put little smokey sausages on a pb&j sandwich (hey they were on my plate together) and I still don't consider it gross. In fact I recommend you try it.

5-I can't think of a better invention than chocolate.

6-I don't watch movies more than once if they don't make me laugh or cry.

7-People think I say funny things on purpose but I can't help the thoughts that pop into my head and slip out of my mouth.

8-When I put a piece of winter fresh gum in my mouth it instantly reminds me of a sweaty dirty skating rink and I love it.

9-I have an orange belt in martial arts

10-In our family we all have first names that begin with C but the boys go by their S middle names. This wasn't on purpose until Silas was born. I have at least three names that I still really want to use. Wink.

11-When I hear my voice recorded I can't tell a difference between mine and my little sister's voices, but most people can't tell my big sister and I apart as far as how we look.

12-I love love love to read but someday I think I'd like to write.

13-Some of my scrapbook papers and stickers give me a tingly feeling that I think you get before you swoon.

14-I've never swooned.

15-I want to live all over the world for a few months in each place but I think I'd like to settle in New Zealand.

16-I think I was born in the wrong century because all the things I want to learn to do are things that would be common knowledge in a different time.

17-I was 15 when I met my husband and within a month we talked about getting married when we grew up. We considered ourselves grown up when he was 17 and I was 18 and have been married for 8 years.

18-I once got a ticket for being out after curfew when I was underage. I was at Allsups buying milk for cookies Shiloh and I were making. I had no idea there was a curfew.

19-I'm a jeans and t-shirt and no shoes kind of girl. If I'm wearing anything else you can be sure I'm uncomfortable.

20-I think I'd like to be a professional organizer, decorator, photographer, actress, writer, seamstress, landscaper, translator (for any language), film maker, carpenter, and event planner

21-I make rings out of buttons to sale but have given away more than I've sold

22-I've named my store that I want to have one day but I can't say it understand why.

23-I'll take a rainy day over a sunny one anytime.

24-I like to know peoples middle names.

25-I wish I liked animals (for my children), fish (to eat), high heels, watching the weather (for Shiloh), reading the newspaper, cooking, grocery shopping, toys, and coloring (because Cecily wants me to but I don't have the patience for it)

26-I hope when I'm a Granny I still wear boot cut jeans and my hair long.

27-I really want a miniature pony. See # 2 and yes, I know I'm not four.

28-I wish I knew where to put commas

29-I'm famous in my family for putting my money somewhere safe and then forgetting where and finding it much later. I'm also famous for liking purple,being call fat cheeks and retorting with "George" the worst thing I could think to say when I was like two.

30-I had my eyebrow pierced for ten months once way way way way back when I was twenty four. I wanted to experience it before the girls were too big and remembered because I don't know how I'll feel about it when they are teenagers. I got pregnant and felt silly and I imagined everyone looked at me like I was an irresponsible mother. Then I saw a lady with one like mine and my first thought was that she was an irresponsible mother and should grow up a little. It had to go then. But I'm glad I got the chance to do what I wanted.

31- I once had my armpits waxed. They bled.

Ok so I thought 25 things would be hard and now I can't stop. Turns out there are a lot of quirky things about me. I'm tagging no one because the whole two people I know on here just did one.

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CAB said...

Wow, that last one...I'll just say "ouch!" and leave it at that!