Friday, April 17, 2009

Meet Preston

This is Preston,my middle younger but taller brother. Today is his birthday so I thought I'd introduce him. He's 18.

Preston,Prep,Preppy Poo,Peepsie,Peeps,Presty Poo,Laney,Laney did this to yourself you know. All because of one little cartoon on a Sunday morning involving a stinky skunk with a french accent who you thought stole your name.

Here's why I think you're great:

1-You can out argue even me! Yes,you can. Yes,you can. Yes,you can. Yes,you can. Yes,you ca...argh. See?
2-You never speed.
3-You could write a book and call it "1001 nicknames for the name Preston"
4-You can drive a standard...I think. :)
5-Because of you I know that my children are not the first to leave tiny bits of
apple peels all over the floor.
6-You really loved your hoo-hoo.
7-Because of the time we played tug of war with your hoo-hoo, and you lost cause I thought it would be funny to let go but then you smashed your head into our antique case, I now know that bleeding busted open heads are nothing to get worked up about. Clara's scar is bigger than yours I think.

Well,that's seven things,you could read one each day and feel great about yourself for a week!

OK OK 8-You make sand boarding (sand duning?) look easy!

9-I'm almost positive you got your crazy mad defense skills from me. You're welcome.

10-Able to leap tall small buildings in a single bound.

Any hoo-hoo Happy Birthday!
P.S.This is a couple days late cause I wanted you to be surprised. Ahem.

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