Monday, April 20, 2009

Our Wonderfull Road Trip to MO Day Four

Day Four: Tuesday March 17, 2009

Silas and I had breakfast together this morning and let the others sleep in all the way until 8:30. Then one more swim for the girls and we set out to the capitol building. In this photo you can see the evergreen tree on the left. Under the tree (harder to see) was some ground cover. The girls played My Little Ponies there for about 15 minutes before we headed inside.

Really prettily decorated that ceiling.

There was tons of great detail and an interesting museum. This is under the stairs it is a narrow passage for carriages. If you are in there there is a set of doors to enter.

We wanted to tour the governors mansion but didn't realize we needed advance reservations. (Drat)

The outside was pretty though and there is a garden behind where we frolicked for a while.

Shiloh wrangled up a snake for a good petting. Now we are off to St. Louis so it's back into the van we go. One Two Three Four Five.

On our way to St. Louis I was looking at our "Things to do in MO" magazine (which you can get for free by visiting the official state website, get the map too!)and I read about a town called Washington that had an old 1790s trading post up for tour. We thought this sounded too good to pass up. So off we veered. We did get caught for about an hour in traffic but got to spend a little time on the bridge over the MO river.

A quick stop at the visitors center for hours and directions we learned we again would need advance reservations. Grrrr...

The lady here told us of a park so we went there instead.

Here we finally got in some fishing time we had been promising the girls. It was during Cecily's first cast she spotted,right there in the water's edge,a rock shaped so perfectly like a goose egg that she insisted I get it for her. I grabbed a stick,rolled it on over and pulled out a real goose egg! Forgotten was the pole. She cradled it so gently promising to take care of it and keep it warm until it hatched. I had to convince her it would defiantly not hatch because it had been in the cold water and she reluctantly agreed to put it back. I'm not sure why but I know God put that egg there for her to find. All trip long she has collected rocks and called them goose eggs. Building nests for them and bringing them along for the ride. Our gas mileage may be suffering. But thank goodness for extra side trips!

After the park we ate Mexican food at a place so SLOW I'm sure they were out back killing the chickens. Or for Cecily's sake we will say growing the lettuce.

Then we stayed the night at a hotel that smelled of stale cigarette smoke.

Sigh. I was starting to think aside from the goose egg our side trip was a wasted day.

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