Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Our Day

Just in case you are wondering what we are up to today. Nothing special in fact I don't even have a camera at home to give you a visuall but just in case you wondered...

This morning I worked on my clothes sort some more. At the end of every season when I do laundry I take out what we don't need any more. Then I seperate those things into piles. One pile to save for when it's cold agian (if I think it will still fit) One pile of things that are what I call ruined clothes. Consignment won't take them because of holes or spots. Generally hole things have to go into the trash and if the stain is light I try to get it out. If I can't then I bag it up for Goodwill. Things that are outgown and we know someone who it would fit and who might want it we give it away. I like to sell some of the dressier things so that I can support my shopping habbits.

I'm sort of in a matching phase and I'm trying to find ways to match the girls and Silas. Its harder to do but I've found a few combos. Generally when I do buy things new I leave the tags on until the previous season is completley gone then if I'm sure I want to keep it I won't miss out on the right sizes. Some places give up to three months to return/exchange. Lots of times I find something I like better that wasn't out yet and I exchange. Sometimes we are given clothes and I can't justify having so many things (plus it makes for more laundry potentiall) so I'll return what I bought and focus on accesorizing the gifts! Accesories are always more fun anyway!

Well, anyway while I was working on getting spots out I brought myself to a dead end because I filled up the washer to soak a few things in Nature Bright. I couldn't do anymore laundry so I walked around the house wondering what to do next. I picked up a few choking hazards and realized I didn't want to start another long project until the sorting was done.

I loaded up the children into the van and brought along some yogurt, a blanket and Thumbelina. We ran and got some chicken nuggets to go with the yogurt and found a park. I read while the girls (and Silas) ate lunch and then we played for about an hour. This April weather already feels like June. The park we were at still had all old equiptment so therefore it's all metal. The slides were scorching hot. The girls knew this but still couldn't resist a slide. They both had on sun dresses and hopped off the slide at the end whispering (hot hot hot) and rubbing the affected area. :) They didn't complain and it made me laugh. I went to the van to see about some shorts. Luckily I had two pair and that helped. They didn't slide anymore but now the could swing.

When they were properly red cheeked and smelling like puppies we headed home for some cold water. Silas is now sleeping and the girls (having bathed) are working on their spanish skills watching Diego. Cecily has karate in 45 minutes and after that supper,bath agian (maybe),and bed!

Today has gone really fast! Well I'm off to put on my face before we leave for karate.

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Abbie said...

I've enjoyed reading about your trip as well as your day-to-day life :) I always mean to leave comments but by the time I get to the end of the post I forgot all the things I wanted to say...soo here I am commenting and telling you that you should totally get a facebook!! You can see more of the bridal pictures and there are a whole heap of alot more people on facebook than on myspace nowadays :) welp, thats all for now! hope you are having a good day! (sry for this very looong comment)