Friday, April 24, 2009

Weekly Remnants

Friday April 24, 2009

I woke up at 6:45 this morning to a sound I thought was the front door closing as Shiloh was leaving for work but it turned out to be a minivan crashing into our neighbors parked car. No one was hurt and in fact our neighbor did the happy dance because she gets to get a new car. Turns out she is pregnant with number two and wanted an upgrade.

The children and I went to the Gainsville Zoo with our friends the Blevins. Silas was exhausted by the time we left and he slept the hour home and then all the way until 5:30.

I gave the girls rides on a little spinning stool we have at the shop cause it made them giggle so much. Then it tipped over and Cecily got a concussion. I felt really bad so I went through the drive through to get her a lemonade and that's when she threw up. :( While I was bathing her at home she told me she forgives me. :)

Saturday April 25, 2009

Shiloh mowed and did lots of yard work.

The girls and I finished reading the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe and now finally,finally after months of anticipation the girls will see the movie. I wish you could've seen Cecily grin as Edmund bit into his Turkish delight.

Missy and John came over and brought their tiny niece Lillian for dinner. We made awful coffee and watched some t.v.

Sunday April 26, 2009

We went to church today and then after we went out to eat with our friends the Griffins and our pastor Bro. Thomas. We ate at Logan's Roadhouse and Shiloh and I had some nostalgia about the last time we were there. Silas was a teeny baby and we were meeting someone about purchasing some land to build our new shop. We didn't get that land, we ended up with something much better. The girls loved throwing their peanut shells onto the floor.

The Griffins came over to the shop to hang out awhile and the children played. So did Cecily, Clara, and Miles. :) Sorry guys but what would you call it? OK...they were shooting guns in a very manly fashion (but I'm certain there was much giggling).

Later at home we settled in for part two of the Lion the With and the Wardrobe. Cecily giggled through the fighting, grinned when she saw Aslan for the first time, and asked if they were going to catch the white stag a few minutes before that scene had even come on. I just finished reading it to her yesterday and I had already forgotten that part. When it was over she said "Sooo the white stag is a dear!" I just assumed she knew. If we hadn't read the story and then watched the movie she might not learn that for a long time. Shiloh began Prince Caspian before bed tonight.

Everyone is asleep and now for Chipoltle. MMMMMMMMMMMMM...

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Abbie said...

You have had an eventful couple of days!! Car crashes, Concussions, Clever Cecily and to top it off Chiptle!! I can tell you like the C's...not that I didnt already know that ;) Are ya'll guna be able to come this weekend?! Hope so! :)