Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekly Remnants

Monday April 27, 2009

I learned a new exercise at my class this morning. Sit on your bottom and pull your knees toward your chest getting your feet off the ground. Now balance only letting your bottom touch the ground. Hold any item in both hands (I used my flip flop) and touch it to the ground first on your left and then right. Keep switching sides as quickly as you can for one minute. Don't put your feet down! I challenge you to do two sets and then leave me a comment letting me know you are still alive. Have fun!

While I was sweeping the floor at the shop today Silas was playing with the buttons on the microwave saying to himself "But but see de but!" Then there were some beeping sounds and giggling and then more "but but see de but!"

Cecily had a great time at karate. I was jokingly accused of giving her the bruises on her face and I had to fess up that it actually was me.

I just killed a big hairy spider.

Tuesday April 28,2009

Remembering our too hot park outing last week I decided to get an early start today. We were out of the house by 9:00. I buckle two car seats (Cecily buckles herself) and stop by McDonalds for some coffee. We arrive at the (different than last week) park to play. Unbuckle three car seats. After only a few minutes everyone was shivering and begging to leave. Back to the van buckle two car seats,and not wanting to waste all the getting readyness we headed to McDonalds to play instead. Unbuckle three car seats grab my coffee trudge to the play area. Closed for cleaning. Talk through a translator and find out it will be an hour until it reopens. Back into the van, buckle two car seats drive to chick-fil-a to play. Unbuckle three car seats grab my McDonalds coffee (yeah, I know) and arrive at the play area. The kids play and then by 10:30 declare they are starving. We take a bathroom break, where I manage (I think) to keep all eight hands off of everything that is potentially gross. This is everything. We eat chicken and then load back up into the van. Buckle two car seats. Stop at Old Navy to see if they have flip flops for the girls so the girls can go on a bouncy ball search. Unbuckle three car seats. I got some of what I needed and we head back to the van. Buckle two car seats. It is now around 12:00 I notice it has warmed up and I'm not ready to go home yet so yes, we head for yet another (different from the other two) park. Unbuckle three car seats. Play. I notice every one's chicken is wearing off and I mentally check the pantry for something that would be a quick snack before nap when we arrive home. I notice in my mental observation that we are out of fruit. We leave the park. Buckle up two car seats. Drive to Albertsons. Unbuckle three car seats. Load everyone into a cart so this will be quick and painless. Mall walk to the produce aisle and grab every fruit that seems to be reasonably priced. This includes mangos, bananas, grapes and strawberries. Pay, buckle two car seats and drive home. Unbuckle three car seats. It is now 2:00 and I put Silas down for a nap (he ate a banana on the way home) cut up the strawberries for the girls and put on a movie. Sigh. A moment for myself and then Silas was up. Sigh again.

I do realize that this is more than a mere remnant it's more like the whole bolt. However had I written-Today I buckled and unbuckled 77 car seat buckles (this is including my own),you may have been hesitant to believe me.

Wednesday April 29,2009

I didn't make it to my class this morning because I woke up at 8:30. Grrr.

Cecily had a great class. There were only three students total and they got a lot of attention.

It is raining and it has been raining since around noon. It is now 7:21. Our street looks like a river.

In the middle of his shower it suddenly occurred to Silas that he must watch his sounds video. He said "Watch upstairs all done" and he then proceeded to try to climb over the side of the bathtub. He is now watching.

I ate a brownie today and am now extremely remorseful.

Thursday April 29, 2009

We went to story time this morning and learned all about farm animals. This was the week the girls earned a book. Cecily chose Clifford and Clara chose a Crab story. They also got to choose a tiny plastic farm animal Cecily chose a white rabbit and Clara chose a goose. I chose a pony for Silas which now belongs to Clara because she lost her rabbit that she traded her goose for before we left the library. They also got to choose their regular treasure from the treasure box. The girls chose paper fans. Add to this the sample of ice cream sorbet (you know milk comes from cows ice cream comes from milk) the coloring pages and the videos we checked out,I'd say this was a pretty great story time day.

This is what goes on inside my head for the rest of the day on story time day.
Aligator...Ah-ha-lagator....Aaaaaa-la-gator...can be your friend,can be your friend,can be your friend too. Woo!
This song is by Dr. Jean if you want to try to listen to it. If you do hear it call me on Thursdays after 11:00 and we can do a duet.

We visit Granny on Thursdays Story time days. Granny makes sure we don't starve.

Friday April 30, 2009

I went to class this morning and then after a shower the children and I loaded ourselves into the van and drove to Lubbock. Well,we drove to Starbucks and got Mommy a venti six pump chai late with no water first. This was for staying awake power only. I got no pleasure from drinking such a delectable treasure. Ahem.

Saturday May 1, 2009

After playing for a while on the mall playground I took my freshly laundered,nicely ironed, all laid out flat children's clothes to Once Upon A Child. They looked through them twice, took out what they wanted and then waded up and tossed the rest into plastic bags with a neon green note that said "Courtney Bradford No's" Ahhhhh. Thanks Once Upon A Child for getting these all ready for the garbage for me. I could tell my past month of Laundry Tuesdays meant absolutely nothing to them. I will not be using this consignment store again. I could have sold three of the items they chose on ebay and made the same amount.

The girls and I went Abbie's shower while Silas napped at home with Grandad. Cecily was one of three who guessed the correct (or closest) number of small items in a jar to win a prize. Clara had three brownies. Had I known she was eating brownie after brownie yes, I would have stopped her. There are no words to describe the way she acted tonight. Bouncing off the walls was coined by a Mother who's sugar deprived child indulged in a single brownie.

We had a world of fun and giggles at Chandler's expense.

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Abbie said...

how do you do that strike through thing? Ive been trying to figure it out...:)I will have to try that excercise thing 2mrw...I'll let you know how that goes...Aww, Silas is so cute! "But but see de but!" haha...