Friday, April 17, 2009

Our Wonderfull Road Trip to Missouri Day Two

Day Two: Sunday March 15, 2009

Ignoring thier late night the children woke up bright and early. The girls and I walked to the showers while the men cleaned out and loaded up the van.

The KOA geese greeted us on our way back from the showers and we ran to the van for bread to give them a whole wheat snack. I told the girls to walk slowly toward the geese so they would not run away. While the girls inched foward some other shower goers came at the geese from behind and they honked and flew away.The honking and wing flapping may have scard Silas for life.

We decided instead to feed the fish in the pond.

Soon we were ready to hit the road. Here are the children all bundled up having one last swing.

While Shiloh checked out I spied some ducks in the pond close to the office.

We quickly grabbed more bread and tossed some in before I realized the ducks were decoys. Once agian some lucky fish had a good breakfast. This time however after feeding a few small fish the super mega giant catfish came and grabbed some grub. Cecily would have stayed there all day if we would've let her. However shivering Silas and quaking Clara wanted the warmth of the van.

We drove about twenty miles into Kansas to visit Big Brutus. Definatly worth the little side trip. He was HUGE. Shiloh was in mega machine heaven and I'm pretty sure we helped support the museum for at least a year by the time we were done souvinier shopping.

Here you can see a speck in between the tracks of Big Brutus

Oh, wait that's not a speck. It's my husband and girls standing in between Brutus' monstrous tracks!

Here we are "driving" Brutus. See that water? That is the trench Brutus dug in the 1960's that has filled up with water. It goes on for miles. For the rest of the trip when we passed by a large body of water Cecily would say "Brutus has been here too!"

We are playing in the shovel. This is the biggest snort we ever saw!

Leaving Big Brutus behind. We continued North to Kansas City. We stopped at Union Station and had a blast playing at Science City and watching a 3D film about astrounaut Buzz Aldrin (no,we did not name Clara after him) It was here that our digital camera met its demise. Oh,you mean the diaper bag is top heavy?!?!?! After the third topple the camera had had enough. So alas bloggers you will have to summon your imaginations.
Union Station is a huge old train depot

that makes you wish you were there 50 years ago.

We passed through the Link over to Crown Center
(Here is the link and Crown Center)

where everything was closed already (Sunday)so we passed back through the link
(Here is an inside view)

and then left there to eat! Our first meal all day. (Snacking mostly in the time for fancy feasts) We pulled into the first thing we saw which was Gates and Sons BBQ.

I recognized the name from all of my google serches and was glad to know this restaurant was highly recomended. Scrumptious.
Off to our second KOA Kabin, slightly larger than the first, to sleep. ZZZZZZZZZZZZ

The girls spent quite some time choosing just the right rock (or egg) to bring along for the journey.
Lesson Learned #2: It is not cheaper to stay in a $45.00 KOA Kabin if you have to drive thirty miles to get there and then backtrack the next morning. Besides the gas its such a time waster!

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