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Day Five Magic Kingdom!

February 22, 2010

This morning we took the morning off. The kids were exhausted and we needed to do laundry. Shiloh took the kids back to the beach while I put the laundry on. I got ready and dried the laundry. Then on my way back to the cabin I realized that I had locked myself out. So I left the laundry on the porch and hopped on a bus and rode to the beach to get a key. I got it rode back to the cabin put the laundry away then rode back to the beach. The bus driver was really confused and asked if I knew what I was doing. I assured him that I did it was just a crazy morning. When I got back the kids were playing on the playground. We decided to let the kids ride the ponies.

As we walked over I asked Silas if he wanted to ride a horsey and he said " thank you horsey stinky!" They were stinky! But the girls were not put off. They had fun and thought they should get to go around more than once.

Clara rode Cricket.

Cecily rode Chip.

Next we split up and the girls and I ate lunch by the pool while Shiloh took Silas to the cabin to get the stroller. They ate lunch at the cabin. I took the girls to the store and they each chose a charm bracelet and one charm. Then we waited on the but to take us to the boat that would take us to Magic Kingdom. The girls played with nature while we waited.

Shiloh and Silas met up with us there.

Here Shiloh is finishing the rest of my salad and the kids are feeding bits of chicken to the seagulls.

On the boat to Magic Kingdom we spotted Cinderella's castle!

When we got past the bag check we were stopped by two cast members who gave us "This is my first visit" buttons (which got us lots of attention all day) and then as we strolled past them into the park they sprinkled us with pixie dust! I found a piece of this pixie dust which was a mickey mouse shaped piece of confetti the last time I swept my bedroom. :)

You can't go to MK without pausing for a photo here. Again we swapped taking photos with a family who had one little girl.

We arrived just in time to see this show on the castle.

After the show we kept our spots and had a snack while we waited for the parade to begin. I entertained Silas by letting him take pictures of us.

Then I wanted a lovely photo of the kids in front of the castle (taking the idea from a blog I'd read) but the kids were grumpy and only wanted silly poses.



Finally after hearing the music for quite some time we spotted the first float!

Clara waved and waved...

And grinned and grinned when she spotted Mary Poppins in her blue dress!

Silas learned if he reached up characters would shake your hand. So he stretched up his hand...

And was rewarded with a shake from Abu! I had to move the camera quickly so all you see really is Abu's hand/arm and Silas' fingertips.

After the parade we headed straight toward the rides. You know teacups and dumbo.

We stayed here for the rest of the day and were able to ride everything. It showered a little bit and people cleared out some. We waited it out and lines were very short.
We rode It's a Small World twice and the first time Shiloh said "This song sounds familier" :) I thought everyone knew about that ride but I guess not.

We met Peter Pan and Ariel.

Then kids also experienced a 3D show of the Mickey Mouse that they thought was great. This was the first time we were able to get Silas to leave the glasses on and he was reaching out for everything. When we came out of the Mickey show it was pouring rain. Luckily you exit into a small gift shop which of course is a marketing stratagy to make money but is also nice because you stay so busy moving from one attraction to the next you don't really take the time to shop. So by exiting into some of the smaller shops that are usually themed according to the ride,you get to see some of what Disney has to offer. Here among plush Mickeys and Tiggers they offered a giant candy machine filled with the same candy that is inside pixie sticks. You choose your favorite size tube and fill it with a rainbow of colored sugar. We decided to make the best of the rain and let the kids choose a twelve inch tube to fill. Why? I don't know. Six inches would've been more than enough. The tubes are quite fat. Everyone wanted a little of every color and there were about 15 differant flavors. At first it was fun moving from color to color putting just a dab of this and a smidge of that but either because of the rain or because it looked like we were having so much fun soon there was quite a crowd circling the rainbow sugar machine! We quickly topped of everyones tube with about three inches of one final color and paid our $12.00 while the kids sucked away in the store and it rained outside. Soon we felt brave enough to dart across to the next attraction. And eventually the rain stopped.

We stayed until closing and watched the fireworks. By the time we strolled to the front of the park when they were over everyone was asleep in the stroller. Cecily was holding Silas on her lap when they crashed.

It made a very interesting time loading up onto the boat. You have to take the kids out and fold the stroller. Then unload to the stoller again and go to the bus. Then unload on the bus then load back up for a stroll to the cabin. I don't remember if everyone stayed asleep but they went straight to bed.

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Cute, cute, and more cute! They look like they had such a fun time (and y'all too!) :)