Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day Two, Part One...Breakfast!

Feb 19,2010

Today we planned a surprise breakfast for the kids at another Disney resort called the Grand Floridian. It was a character breakfast and that means that while you are eating certain characters come to your table for a chat and pictures. You can choose different restaurants for different characters. We chose a breakfast buffet here because Mary Poppins comes out and that is one person Clara really likes.

We went in and sat down and they poured us all orange juice. Here are the kids smiling for pictures.

Before we got any food Winnie the Pooh came out. We hadn't told the kids that there would be any characters and they were really surprised. Silas is eyeing Pooh. He's not too sure about a giant stuffed bear being directly behind him.

The table that they placed us at was table number 2 and that meant that we were directly facing the door where the characters came out and we only had to wait to meet them until table 1 was done. It was all very exciting.

After all the excitement of meeting Pooh we got up and went to fix our plates. Cecily had gotten a bowl of cereal but no milk yet and Clara had gotten eggs and bacon and sausage. (she made this herself at a small buffet they set out for the kids) When Tigger came out Clara saw him and told Cecily and they bolted for their seats. They thought if they weren't in their chairs waiting they would get skipped and they probably would have. I was relieved that Cecily didn't have milk in her bowl yet since in the mad dash Clara's bacon and sausage went flying just as Tigger bounced over and smashed it into the carpet. He signed the autograph books and posed for a photo.

When Tigger left the meat on the floor was still on my mind and I went to pick it up but realized someone had already beat me to it. One thing I realized about Disney it that it is very clean. I don't know if I saw any mess the whole time we were there.

They give a few minutes in between characters so we felt safe to finish filling our plates. The next person out was Mary Poppins. Clara was so excited she could not sit still. She whipped out her autograph book and kept her eyes glued to Mary until she came to our table.

Mary came over and saw Clara's autograph book was decorated with stickers of her! Here she is talking to Clara about it.

After Clara she went over to sign Cecily's book and Clara showed me this. It says Always Mary Poppins. She was so happy.

Here we are all posing together for a quick photo.

We weren't getting much eating done. A few bites and then Alice from Alice in Wonderland came out.

Then the Mad Hatter. He said he liked my hat. The girls were just trying to figure out where he got that big nose!

Silas decided he was in love with Tigger and kept asking "Where tiger go?".

When we were done eating we walked out to get our stroller and found this bush shaped like Mary Poppins. She is holding her umbrella and the girls were pretending to hold theirs too.

We hopped on a bus and rode over to Animal Kingdom where we would spend the rest of the day. Stay tuned for part two!

Please excuse the photos. Our flash was broken and we had to make do in darker situations.


CAB said...

Cute, cute, cute! I'm starting to want to go there myself! Can't wait to read more! And, considering the flash issue, the pics looks great - just a touch of blur on the fast moving little guy now and then, but if you hadn't said anything, I probably wouldn't have noticed anything out of the ordinary! I get plenty of blurry shots of my little guys even w/the flash!

Anonymous said...

Court -
I can leave comments. Will try to be pithy or funny when I leave them. You did a great job with the pics. When we took you girls when you were little I always had to run the pre-historic video camera and I saw everything with only one eye and in black and white. Will be anxious to spend some time looking at all the pics and reading your "mom-ments".

Abbie said...

and Silas seems like he is pretty over meeting people lol...hes like "Im here to EAT!"

Abbie said...

how fun! makes me want to go :) lol
love the pic of Clara waiting for Mary to come sign her book! so precious.