Monday, March 1, 2010

Home From Disney World

Hello everyone! Although we are back safely from our vacation I have not yet recovered from sleep deprivation. I wanted to share photos and a few memories while they are still fresh in my mind. I think I will just start with day one.

Day One Feb 18,2010

We woke up at 4:00 a.m. at my aunt's house and she took us to the airport. We checked our luggage and said goodbye because that was the last we would see of it until it arrived in our hotel room later in the day. That is one bonus of staying in a Disney resort. You don't have to haul suitcases all over the place. We were surprised at the line so early in the morning at the airport and were also pleasantly surprised at the security guard who eyed our three children and sent us ahead of the line. Once at the front of the line we still had to take off every ones shoes,jackets and backpacks and I beeped because I forgot to take my phone out of my pocket. While going through once more Silas ran into a roped off area. I looked at the guard to see if I could go get him and he nodded yes. Another guard saw this and almost tackled me until she confirmed with the first guard "Is she OK?" asking if he knew what I was up to. It's a funny feeling not being allowed to instinctively chase your two year old. We found our gate and while I took the girls to the bathroom we missed the early boarding call for small children. Once they finished boarding the A's however they stopped the line and let us go. We flew to Houston and when we descended Silas and Clara had some trouble with their ears. Here is Silas chomping on his bubble gum to help. He kept saying "Mouf huts" (mouth hurts). He couldn't' tell where that funny feeling was coming from.

All though we landed in Houston we didn't deplane. We just exchanged some of the passengers. I went to sit with the girls and Shiloh came to sit with Silas. A lady took the extra aisle seat and was very nice to pass things back and forth between us. Shiloh talked with her while the girls and I colored. She said we had the best behaved children she had ever seen. A very nice complement, I was glad later while at Disney World that she did not encounter us at times. :) I saw behaviours come out I never though I would.
After another two hour flight we landed in Orlando. Now we just had to find the Magical Express that would take us to our resort.
Here we are riding the tram inside the airport.

Since they have buses that leave every 20 minutes or so we had time to grab some lunch at the airport. We had Chick-fil-a and Shiloh had a sandwich from a sandwich kind of place. After lunch we boarded the bus and rode comfortably watching a video to Fort Wilderness.
We checked in and they gave us a ride to our cabin. Cabin number 2519. We were very close to both a bus stop and a laundry room. Our luggage had not yet arrived and we realized that while checking in we had forgotten to pick up the stroller we had rented for the week. This was a service we found outside of Disney. They are called Orlando Stroller Rentals and they have strollers that are more comfortable than the park strollers and also more affordable. I highly recommend using these strollers. Ours was a side by side double and very easy to push and fold. We tried out the internal bus system for the first time to go back to the check in office and Shiloh showed the kids the horses while I went inside to get the stroller and also the ticket for our breakfast in the morning. After that we took the bus again to the other end of the campgrounds to do some exploring. There was a playground where the kids burned off some steam for awhile.

Then we overheard another family say they were going to the beach. We followed them past the tree line and found a lovely little beach. We kicked off our shoes and rolled up our pants and waded in the cold water hunting sea shells. We saw a tiny dead turtle and stood very close to it so when the seagulls swooped in to try to get it they were also very close to us.

Cecily and Clara first saw a beach when they were about 5 months old but we realized that this was Silas' first time at almost 2 and a half. He loved it!

I'll have to see if I can upload Cecily's and Clara's toes in the sand pictures to show them all together but here at least are Silas' pudgy little toes in the sand.

And speaking of pudgy toes here is his fat little wrist. I wonder how much longer her will keep his baby rolls. I love them. He is holding up his shorts so they won't get wet. He heard me say to the girls about a hundred times "Don't get your pants wet. You will get cold!"

Watch the fun now. Silas kept saying "Weady Ceci? Weady?"

Then he did this.

Now he is trying to tell Cecily what he just did.

Here are Clara and Shiloh making letters in the sand.

Here is proof that Moma was here too.

After the beach it was about supper time. There was only one restaurant open during the winter at Fort Wilderness and they wanted $25.00 a person to eat there. Yikes. Well,there was another one but you had to have reservations and it was more than twice that much. We discovered that the buffet (the first restaurant) had dinner to go as well and it was priced normally. So we ordered up two fried chicken dinners and purchased our unlimited refillable mug and had a picnic on the porch. When this was done the kids were exhausted and cold so we hopped on the bus back to our cabin and found our luggage waiting for us. A bath and bed for the kids who went right to sleep. Clara slept on the top bunk, Cecily on the bottom and Silas in a pack in play that we found in the closet. There was also a double bed in the bedroom that the kids shared. Shiloh and I opted to sleep in the Murphy bed in the living room so we could watch some Olympics before we went to sleep.

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Glad to hear y'all are home safe and sound - I look forward to reading more about your trip! Great pics - keep 'em coming! The hats are precious - how long did they stay on and did you make it home w/them? :)